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House Wow® are the UK's leading Home Staging, Property Styling and Furniture Rental professionals with Stagers for Homes experts across the UK. With over 20 years of experience in the business, our approved local businesses provide local services including: Show Homes, Home Staging, Interior Design, Furniture Rental, Accessorising, Home Makeovers, Furnishing Packs, Styling for Holiday Home photo shoots, Store Dressing, Decluttering to sell and more.

House Wow® approved Associates and verified businesses provide Home Staging, Styling Services and Furniture Rental directly to Home Owners as well as to Estate Agents, Developers, House Builders, Landlords, Investors, HMO SA and Holiday Home owners.

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House Wow® Associates and verified businesses

House Wow® Associates and verified businesses comprises of professional Interior Designers, Show home specialists, Home stagers and trades professionals who will work with you to understand your unique requirements and then deliver a quality service on time, to the highest standards and within budget.

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House Wow® Styling Enquiries

You'll get the fastest response to your enquiry by completing the Styling enquiry form. Our database filters your information and sends the enquiry immediately by email and a text alert to the House Wow® Associate providing those particular services in the local property location. They'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively browse the Team project galleries to find the professional you require and contact them through their profile page.

The following information will help you to choose the most appropriate Home Staging and styling service or Make a quick Property styling enquiry here
Show Homes and Home Staging examples
Home Staging is the art of preparing your house or property ready for sale in such a way that you maximise on its true market potential. A professional Home Stager can assess your property and identify all the areas that require improvement and what work needs to be completed in order to make your home sell faster and for money. Often home owners can not see what is wrong with their own property or understand why potential buyers are not interested in it when they love it to bits themselves.

It is only by employing the services of an independent external Professional Home Stager that has no prior connection to your property that you can then be shown the real truth about what potential buyers are noticing and that you are not. Home Staging does not have to be expensive, sometimes all that is required is a declutter, a good clean, a de-personalisation of accessories and then a re-arrangement of existing key items of furniture and accessories within a room in order to maximize the effect of making it into an attractive place to live.

Potential buyers need to be able to imagine that they are already living in the property, if they can not do that then they will not be interested in it and will move on to the next property on their list.
Home Staging is the art of styling a property to sell, to enhance its best features and to limit the impact of any negative features in order to sell faster and maximise selling price. So why have your property staged for sale, what's the benefit and why spend the money before moving? Contact one of our Stagers for Homes today.

Home Staging increases Property value by 8%

Home staging statistics at the UK's largest property portal Rightmove, reveal that home staged property secures more viewings and offers, commands a higher asking price and on average sell for 8% more than non-staged homes. On a property worth £300,000, that's a whopping extra £24,000 profit. Well worth the average Home Staging cost at 1-2% of the property price.

68% of homes staged see a 9-12% increase in value

Over 85% of the 4,200 staged homes worldwide surveyed by HSR International saw at least 6-25% more from the sale of their professionally staged home than the home in the same market that was not professionally staged. The largest percentage of results, 68% of the homes actually came in at 9-12% increase.

More about Home Staging Services

What does Home Staging cost?

The average charge for a Home Staging services is usually 1- 2% of the property value. So on a property valued at £300,000 the cost of staging would be £4,500. That's below the amount of the average price reduction many buyers will suggest on an un-staged property. Lifestyle appeal and a property that looks ready to move into will help motivate a buyer to offer the best price as they can see that it will receive lots of interest.

Home Staging Testimonial

"Thanks to House Wow® we sold our house within a few weeks in a tough market." Uni Hughes, Property seller

Styling Makeover Testimonial

"I was amazed at the makeover transformation! Thank you House Wow® team! Chris Norfolk
Lounge Interior Image Home Staged ready for sale

House Wow® Services during the Caronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

House Wow® businesses are working safely and are currently available for all services in all areas of the UK. We're pleased to offer an initial Consultation over video link, virtually staged photos, site visits and furnishing installations in-line with the latest UK Govt. policy for working safely in people's homes during Covid-19. See our Covid-19 Safety policy here.
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