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5 Reasons Why Empty Rooms make it 

harder to Sell Your Property 


1. Estate Agents 

Estate Agents know that it takes longer to sell an empty property and that they sell for a lower price. Their valuation and selling price estimate will be lower.  Some Estate Agents will provide fewer marketing visuals and put less effort into promoting empty property because they will concentrate on property which is more likely to provide a faster return of their sale commission.


2. An empty property sends a certain message to buyers

An empty property says to buyers that you will be keen to sell as quickly as possible to get it off your hands. They will offer a lower asking price. Sometimes this will be tens of thousands of pounds price reduction.  


3. Marketing an empty house

From marketing photographs to viewings an empty house doesn't give buyers the point of reference they need to imagine their own furniture there.  An empty property will look cold and uninviting with any flaws and blemishes becoming focal points.  


It's a myth that empty rooms look larger.  In fact empty rooms look smaller and when people try to visualise how their own furniture will fit they often imagine the room as smaller than it is. For instance they may have a double bed or a king size bed with bedside cabinets and imagine there won't be enough space. The solution is to add these items, in appropriate styles to enhance the property and suit the likely market.  Lifestyle accessories can be added to create the right balance of homeliness and style.


4. Buyers perceptions 

Buyers form an emotional attachment when they want to buy a house. The problem with an empty house is that it's just not as easy to get that kind of feeling.  The ability to be practical and focus on negotiations is easier with an empty house and can knock tens of thousands off the selling price.


5. Testing the market with an empty property  

It's tempting to test the market with an empty property.  However the best buyers are those first through the door. Those sitting waiting with finances ready for their dream property.  They feel excited when they see your property come to market in the location they are looking for, with the right number of bedrooms.  But they may feel disappointed by the photographs of the empty interior or the walk around at the viewing when the property is not presented at its best.  They won't come back after you've resorted to investing in furnishing and dressing because first impressions really do count.


Before you make the mistake of testing the market with an empty property find out how much it will cost to have professional House Wow Stylists present it at it's very best.


Before: Empty Lounge - cold  and uninviting. The space looks smaller. After: The same Lounge dressed with furniture and lifestyle accessories becomes a warm and attractive living space.  It looks larger and enables viewers to imagine their own furniture there.





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