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HouseWow ® Property Stylist Anita Richardson


Anita Richardson

Anita Richardson is a trained Interior Designer and the Director of House Wow® and the Home Staging Network.


With over ten years experience in the Property market, Interiors and Property presentation to sell homes and developments, Anita has many previous customers who have happily sold at the best price in a difficult market.


With a fresh approach to Interior Styling and styling to sell Anita will discuss your requirements and ensure that you are achieve the style that you require whether moving home or staying and improving. 


Lisa Dickinson, Interior Styling 

"The project management was invaluable. Your service saved me so much time and heartache. Thank you Anita!" 


Uni Hughes, Property seller, Leeds

"Thanks to Anita at HouseWow we sold our house within a few weeks in a tough market."


Roy R&C Group, Developer, Ilkley

"The Property sold after the show home gave viewers the lifestyle image they aspired to. Thanks to Anita"



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Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional

Member of the Home Staging Network Professional code of practice



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     Please see example of Anita's work on this page.




Anita is a HouseWow® Smarter Property Sellers™ Consultant and can provide customers and HouseWow® partners with access to the Smarter property Sellers™  Website. 


The Smarter Property Sellers™  website provides a wealth of information over 22 webpages on property presentation to sell a home.



Home Staging, Show Homes, Interior Design and Property styling by Anita Richardson at HouseWow.

   House Wow has stylists teams in many areas of the UK.  Please contact us for details.




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