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Anne Sowerby

Sassy Property Styling 

Home Staging and Styling in Cumbria, Scotland and the North East



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Lake District Home Staging 

Home Staging worked for these property owners who had moved to New Zealand leaving their home empty and needed a quick sale fast!



This beautiful property in a wonderful location on the coastal fringe of the Lake District had been empty and on the market for two years but not sold.  The owners, having emigrated to New Zealand, needed to get things moving so they employed a Home Staging specialist, Anne Sowerby.  Empty, with an unusal layout and some long rooms it was difficult for viewers to see just how much they got for their money.  The property stylist set to work using a mixture of furniture hire, purchased items and the client's own furniture from storage to transform the property and create a fast sale. The difference is astounding.
Lounge before home staging      Lounge after home staging
Lounge before home staging Lounge after home staging
Conservatory before home staging      Conservatory after home staging
Dining room before home staging Dining room after home staging
Kitchen before home staging     Kitchen after home staging
Master bedroom before home staging      Master bedroom after home staging
Bedroom before home staging Bedroom after home staging
Bathroom before home staging Bathroom after home staging


Home Staging to sell property

It worked for these property owners who needed to get their empty house sold from the other side of the world. Anne Sowerby stepped in, liaised with their estate agent and transformed their home. It sold quickly soon afterwards.

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