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Emma Sturgess-Lief

House Surgery and Show Home Designers, London and the South East



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 Dining Room Contemporary Classic Show Home


House Surgery and Show Home Designers has prepared property for sale for clients in some of the most prestigious property in London and the South East. Owner and lead Interior Designer for the company, Emma Sturgess-Lief is a specialist in designing unique and bespoke Show Homes.  Builders and  property developers who require a show home to showcase their properties receive an exemplary level of service and project management.   Furniture rental  and a full house dressing service is available for empty executive property for property investors or residential home owners who demand the highest quality house dressing. Discerning buyers need to be able to visualise the aspirational life style appeal and full potential of a property and the  Show Home Designers company delivers exactly that.


aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Show Home Design

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Furniture Rental - Furniture Hire

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Home Staging to sell property

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Empty property furnishing to sell

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  House Doctor services

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Property dressing

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  House Makeover 

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Interior Design and House styling

The above services are provided in the following locations: Surrey - Kingston Upon Thames, Twickenham, Guildford, London - East London, West London, Central London, North West London, South West London.  The South East including Kent are covered depending on client requirements and timescales. Please contact for details of fees.

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Home Staging

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Show Home

Furniture rental 

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