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Home Staging to Sell Kent


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Above: Frontage before staging Above: Frontage after staging




"Before we had Home Staging... Our house had been on the market for nearly a year and we had decreased the price several times during this period. We had had a lot of viewings and some very low offers but nothing worth accepting.  "


Our house had been rented out and so it was empty when it went onto the market. We thought this might have been putting people off so we contacted Katie.  She was fantastic.  She had a lot of energy and enthusiasm and she quickly dressed the house and garden and made it look much more appealing. 


We couldn't believe the difference when we saw it!  Our house went back on the market at our original asking price and sold very close to this price in a few weeks.  Katie did a fantastic job and we wish we had contacted her when we first put our house on the market!


Jane Munns




Above: Frontage detail after staging. Painted door and hanging basket add the finishing touches.


Above: Living Room before staging


Above: Kitchen after Styling and Staging







Above: Kitchen after staging




Above: Kitchen dressing detail  Above: Bathroom dressing detail 



Above: Bathroom before


Above: Bathroom after dressing.                                        





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