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Lydine & Martin Czerniuk, MAXANA Property Styling

Home Staging and house dressing for the Midlands, Oxfordshire, London and the South East



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Lydine and Martin are valued Members of the HouseWow Team and have sold many properties in the Midlands, London, Oxfordshire and the South East, having an eye for detail and understanding the essential requirements of the most discerning of property buyers. Lydine draws on a wealth of experience in house dressing, home staging, interior decoration, property renovation and self builds to create a wide ranging style which seamlessly merges the contemporary with the classic to create a turn key stylish and quality ambiance which appeals to potential property buyers to "kick off their shoes and call this home". Martin is an experienced Architect and can add value to property by considering a number of home improvements.



aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Home Staging - visit and report

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Empty property furnish and style to sell

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Home Staging - services to sell property

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Empty property furnish to sell (renovated) 

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  De-cluttering

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Empty property furnish to sell (not renovated)

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Show home - purchase (developer/builder)

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Empty property dressing to LET

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Show home - rental (developer/builder)

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Styling/Makeover Redesign
aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Interior Design and Re-design aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Fabrics, curtains and blinds
aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Furniture rental
Additional Services and Trades

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Architectural Building works

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Bathrooms and tiling

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Painting and decorating 

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Electrician
Locations covered 

The above services are available in the following locations: 

the Midlands, London, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and the South East.






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The images on this page are a mixture of House dressing and Home staging projects by Lydine Czerniuk, HouseWow Consultant.   You can see more images of each project in the Gallery links above.



Home Staging

Interior Design


Show Home

Furniture rental 

Home Makeover



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