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Interior Design Project 

Gallery - Interior Design Project    
Interior Design and Soft furnishings for a residential property.

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   Interior Design Project - Before pictures  (Click pictures to enlarge)
Living room before     Living room before      Living room before
Living room before   Living room before   Dining room before
Conservatory before             
Conservatory before        
  Interior Design Project - After pictures  (Click pictures to enlarge)
Living room after   Dining room after Living room after
Living room after   Living room after   Living room after
Property dressing picture GR   Property dressing picture GR    
Dining room after   Dining room after    

About the Interior Design job:

A couple had moved into a house together in later life and had very different tastes. SMB Interior Design was called in to try to help them modernise the living room and dining room which they both felt was cold, dark and cluttered. Both wanted to create a feeling of light and warmth. The house appeared dark owing to a significant amount of dark wood furniture and a large, outdated stone effect fireplace. It appeared cluttered as there was too much furniture and overflowing bookshelves. The first step was to declutter - discarding excess furniture and books. Then we covered the fireplace with a new false wall, added a contemporary inset fire and this immediately transformed the room. New carpet, paint colours (on walls, woodwork and the dark wood built in furniture), soft furnishings, light fittings and some new furniture completed the transformation of this lounge and dining room from tired and mismatched to contemporary, light and comfortable. 


Shona Bates, SMB Interior Design - home staging, showhomes, declutter, furniture rental, interior design



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