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House Wow® recommendations for Associates on the 'Staying COVID-19 Secure policy' for use within your business

Health and safety, keeping ourselves, contractors and customers safe and following Government advice and guidelines is our priority.

We advise you to read the full guidelines to understand your responsibilities in connection with the latest Government guidelines on working during Covid-19 recommendations because each of your business working arrangements may vary according to your unique circumstances.

However, I have summarised the parts I feel are important for our Home Staging and Interior Design businesses and I have prepared an 8 point plan for House Wow Associates in their businesses for 'Staying COVID-19 Secure'.

Anita Richardson
House Wow
15th May 2020


(Includes outbound links to all relevant Govt and useful info on Covid-19 and Business Risk Assessment examples, HandS Policy templates etc.)



House Wow recommend that all Associates follow a minimum of the following 8 point plan

'Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020':

1. Check with all staff and contractors on their health status and anxiety before involving in any projects.

2. Clients informed of the following in writing by email and asked to confirm in a reply by email BEFORE the appointment/visit:

  •   Confirm that they have no Covid-19 symptoms and detail any underlying conditions which may put them more at risk from COVID-19 infection BEFORE we visit.

  •   Clients should prepare and clean the property prior to your arrival - clean door handles and surfaces, leave all doors open in the property prior to our arrival.(Door stops to be used where necessary).

  •   Prepare for social distancing with minimum members of the household or project staff to be present at the appointment/installation. Preferably absent from the property or where this is not possible confined to one room.

3. All furniture and accessories for installation prepared and thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaning agent prior to installation and installed with gloves and cleaned before leaveing. Also door handles, bannisters and anything touched during the visit cleaned before leaving.

4. All furniture and accessories to be thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaning agent between installations and immediately after collection.

5. All installation staff on site to have personal protective equipment, use face masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitiser during delivery and set up. Instruction on how to use these safely in accordance with the guidance provided in writing to all colleagues.

6. Virtual consultations provided for developers, clients and colleagues wherever possible. Site visits in accordance with social distancing and item 2 conditions in place.

7. Less paperwork for transfer between fewer people. Optional sign off of Inventory paperwork and contract with online digital signature will be made available where possible.

8. COVID-19 risk assessment carried out and results shared with the people who work with you. Keep workplace Risk assessment, Health and Safety policy, Method statement and Accident reporting forms up to date and take to site in a file with business terms and conditions document. Also available on secure links on your website to share with clients digitially.


House Wow® have provided this information after reading the relevant govt guidlines and we feel these are the minimum requirements of a Home Staging and Interior Design business during Covid-19. We and our team are not experts in Health and Safety Law and recommend that for further advice you contact a Health and Safety Consultancy. However, for your use we provide links to Govt Advisory, Workplace Risk assessment, Health and Safety policy, Method statement and Accident reporting forms below. We recommend completing a work place risk assessment and making it available to anyone you contract in to your business installations. It is a legal obligation for ALL businesses to 'think through' risks within your business activity on and off business premises. Only businesses with 5 or more staff are legally required to write these down. However it makes perfect sense to have your 'thoughts on risk' in writing should colleagues, contractors or clients request to see these for any reason. I've added a couple of examples of an additional Covid-19 workplace risk assessment to the links at the bottom of the info page. Keeping your people safe and your business secure should be a priority during these unprecedented times.


House Wow Summary - Working in people's homes during covid19

Working in people's homes during covid19

Govt Advice on moving home during COVID-19

A risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have enough precautions or whether you should do more.
If you are an employer or self-employed. It is a legal requirement for every employer and self-employed person to make an assessment of the health and safety risks arising out of their work. The purpose of the assessment is to identify what needs to be done to control health and safety risks. Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
You only need to record the assessment if you have five or more employees. Yet as you do need to 'think through risks and management of risks' it is sensible to write them down should you be asked about them. Here are some simple templates to use.

Where to obtain further guidance Covid-19: what you need to do

Support for businesses and employers during coronavirus (COVID-19)

General guidance for employees during coronavirus (COVID-19)

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