3 Ways To Add Personality To A New Home

A home is an essential investment for any homeowner. You want it to represent you and your style, with or without your presence. Despite your personality, there are designs to suit any preferences you might think of, whether modern or rustic.

Consider adding personality to your home through the following elements:

1. Decoration

Decorations are meant to put your designs and themes together. There are various ways and things you can use as decoration. One is an artwork.

If you're going for an elegant personality, buy paintings of things you love that depict this character. Be sure to have them in lighter shades rather than darker shades and with smooth finishes. However, if you're going for a rustic or traditional look, let the paintings have a textured finish and dark colours. Dark colours bring in the aura of a pulled-back look.

Alternatively, you can adopt wall tapestries. They come in various patterns, colours, and drawings, whose choice depends on your preference. Hang them at strategic points and make sure to place them at eye level, not too high or too low.

It's good to point out that with decorations, you don't have to buy new ones. You can utilize the decorations in your old house and incorporate them appropriately. But if you don't have the time or resources to do so independently, you can contact reliable moving companies, such as Maidstone Removals, to help you transfer them to your new home.

By the way, did you know that you can use instruments, such as pianos, to accentuate a room's personality? You can adopt the usual black and white-coloured piano for a modern look. For a country look, you can choose a piano with a wooden finish. However, if you want the piano to add a bolder appeal to your home's personality, ensure that it stands out in your space.

On the other hand, refrain from moving the piano too close to the wall. Instead, place it a considerable distance from the wall, with no other decoration around it. Significantly, it's good to point out that moving a piano is a tasking job, and you need to handle it carefully. Rough handling can cause damage to your investment and you don't want that.
Giving a new home personality

2. Flooring

Your floor space covers a large percentage of your home. You can take advantage of this and use your floor to add personality to your home. There are different floor finishes to achieve this.

For a country or farmhouse personality, adopt natural finishes. These can be wood laminate, engineered wood, etc. Wood is naturally found outdoors, bringing the same aura indoors. The benefit of wood is that it has several shades of brown. But if you don't want to go all-in with the natural look, adopt lighter brown shades and the reverse for a deep natural look.

Besides wood, consider incorporating natural stone into your kitchen floors. Natural stone can be in the form of bricks or mazeras. You can decide to leave the textured surface of the bricks or have them smoothed out if you have children prone to falls. A fall on a textured floor can cause severe injuries.

However, if you desire to achieve a modern personality, choose flooring options with glossy finishes, such as ceramic and porcelain tiles and marble.
Adding personality to a new home

3. Furniture

Furniture comes in various designs and is made from different materials. These properties make them suitable to help bring personality to your new home

If you want to give your home a country or farmhouse personality, consider purchasing furniture made out of wood. Have your dining room chairs made of wood, with no other decoration. Instead of a plain design, have the back curved in unique shapes to add character. You can do the same for its table.

For your living room, use wooden pallets instead of fabric couches. And for more character, ensure the pallets have wood patterns on them. Place foam pads to provide comfort as you use them. Your coffee table could also adopt the same rustic look with a rugged shape instead of the normal smooth edges.

Moreover, you can bring this look to your bedroom as well. Instead of a modern wardrobe with classy finishes, select a wooden wardrobe with patterns and graphics embedded on its surface. It doesn't have to be new; you can thrift it from a yard sale or a second-hand furniture shop. You can also do the same for your bed's headboard.

4. Conclusion

The discussion above has shown you how to add personality to your new home. Consider adopting the tips given to ensure you achieve your desired look.

One thing you should remember is to first determine the personality you want to achieve before making any purchase. Plan it out, what will go where, and the like. Doing so will quicken the interior design process, allowing you to settle in your new home as soon as possible.

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