4 Easy Ways to Impress People During Open House Visits

If you are trying to sell your house as fast as you can and are selling it on your own, you need to nail the art of open house visits. You should learn a thing or two about buyer psychology and you may even have to turn yourself into a salesperson so you can have a convincing and trusting demeanour.

However, you shouldn'thave to make huge modifications if your house looks good. But you will have to pay attention to detail and know what people expect from a property they intend to buy. Let's take a look at a few ways to impress prospective buyers at your next open house.
Impress people during open house visits
Always aim to impress potential buyers when preparing your property for open house visits

Put Up Signs and Clean Up the Landscape

One thing you should do is have professional signs made to direct people to your open house. This will make things look more formal, and it won't look like you're selling the house as an owner. You should also try to present yourself professionally and dress as an estate agent would. All of this will instil trust in your buyers.

See if you can fix your lawn and any landscaping issues too and invest in some lighting. People are sure to be impressed by a clean, manicured lawn with nice lighting if you host the open house in the evening.

Deep Clean and Declutter

Always deep clean and declutter your house before opening your house to potential buyers
Always deep clean and declutter your house before opening your house to potential buyers
Grime and dust bunnies are sure-fire ways to send red flags flying, so get yourself some mops and get cleaning. Make sure that your floors and surfaces are sparkly clean and try to declutter packed rooms.

Don't put everything into a tucked-away cupboard, however. If you can, try to put the things that are not needed in the shed or the garage. People are likely to look inside cupboards when they visit and seeing cupboards full of random stuff may raise suspicions.

Make it Smell Nice

People react to and remember smells more strongly than anything else, and if your home smells nice, they will form a positive association with it instantly. Try to go for warm scents like pumpkin spice and use organic candles instead of harsh chemical fragrances. You could also try baking something that smells divine right before people come in the door.

Take the Pets to a Pet Sitter

Even if a lot of people love pets, having them there is just a bad strategic decision. Not only can they be disruptive, but people tend to identify pets with uncleanliness. Not to mention the fact that there are people who are allergic or are just averse to pets.

In this case, it would be a good idea to take your pets to a pet sitting service or have a friend or relative take care of them for the day.

These are all very simple things that you can do to make your house look great on your next open house visit. Also, remember to work on your sales skills and focus on eliminating possible causes for concern first and foremost.

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