4 Effortless Ideas To Update Your Kitchen's Appearance

As you may already know, the kitchen is the most utilised area of the home. It's the place where we make nightly dinners, our must-have morning coffee, and that quick snack before running out of the house for an appointment.

It seems obvious that if you spend the majority of your time in a room, then you should appreciate its aesthetic appeal, not just functionality. Over the course of time, the kitchen can start to look outdated, overused, and just messy. Like any part of the modern home, kitchens should look up-to-date and fresh, so that we continue to enjoy the moments we spend there.

Consider some of these simple kitchen restoration ideas, and you'll marvel at how different the kitchen looks and feels right away.

Slap a fresh layer of paint onto cabinet doors

You'd be surprised at how a new layer of glossy paint can help a dark kitchen look so much brighter and more inviting. Updating ageing cabinetswill enhance the space immediately and hide all the knocks, bumps, and stains that appear in kitchens over time.

Naturally, white is the universally accepted go-to colour for kitchens, but it's not crazy to try something like ocean blue or forest green for something unique and trend-setting. Buy some paint samples and add a few dashes to the cabinets before settling on one option.

Don't forget to update the backsplash behind the sink, as you can have a lot of fun choosing new tiles that represent your modern tastes.

Switch up the kitchen equipment

Example of a smart kitchen
A Smart kitchen enhances any home
Kitchen equipment needs to be updated not only because they deteriorate overtime, but also just to breathe new life into your home. Knobs and handles should be the first place to start.You might think it's barely worth it, but these small changes can make a huge impact.

You can go from sleek to antique or vice-versa, but simply change the equipment in a way that feels altered. Spray-painting old equipment with gold, black, or chrome paint is also a budget friendly idea for a renewed appearance.

You'll also know when it's time to remove and update your current kitchen tap, as mineral deposits and rust will start to accumulate. Contemporary taps for the kitchen are full of newer features like pull-out spouts, adjustable flow rate, anti-limescale material, and so on. There are a few selections from the likes of GROHE to help you see how different kitchens taps can be these days.

Reconsider the way you store items and food

Many kitchen design experts will recommend going for pull-out shelves to help access items at the back of the cabinet. It's quite the game-changer once you've installed these, as you'll be amazed at how you ever managed without! Pull-out shelves allow for much more space than regular cabinets, and this may mean you don't have to store things way above your head, which are never fun to access.

It sounds too easy, but a magnetic strip installed in your kitchen will give you a place to store knives and other metal utensils. This makes drawers less cluttered and gives you quick and simple access to items when you're cooking in a rush. Plus, who can say no to the classic spice rack? This means all those tasty herbs and spices are within arm's reach for better, exciting meals.

Think about your kitchen's appliances

Perhaps you're lucky enough to have a giant kitchen and don't need to worry about space, but for everyone else, every centimetre needs to be maximised. If you have a microwave that mostly collects dust and is simply used to reheat pizza every few months, then it's likely not worth having it all.

Similarly, if you find that you only need two hobs on a stove instead of four, then ask professionals to rip everything out and install a smaller stove. If you really contemplate what you need for your own kitchen, then you can reshape it to fit your requirements.

After all, more space gives you either better preparation zones while cooking, or perhaps a good spot for that amazing new coffee machine that you've been eyeing for a while!

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