5 Expert Tips For Decorating A Sunroom

In recent times, homeowners are finding more joy in staying at home, which led them to itch for a few changes at home, like a sunroom. Home is their place, where weekends are spent feeling comfortable and cosy right in their retreat.

Undeniably, a sunroom is one of the best extensions or additions homeowners can have. Technically, it doesn't provide any functional space, save only for having that little nook where you can lounge, relax, or entertain guests. Unlike the rest of your home that gives you that cooped-in feeling, a sunroom provides an opportunity to bask in a lot of natural light, plus a view, even when you're technically in an indoor space.

So, you must install the right glass fixtures from GlasSpace, among other companies, in your sunroom. Now comes the exciting part: decorating it. You can bridge the gap between the open view of the outdoors and the cosy space indoors with these design tips straight from the experts themselves.

1. Incorporate Lots Of Greenery

Sunroom with greenery added
Sunroom with greenery added
You can never have too much greenery. Sure, you already have the view of your garden right where you stand in your sunroom, but you also need to bring in that resort-like feel plants bring inside the sunroom. Incorporate lots of greenery, where such can be placed, with beautiful pots to match.

Use the natural light that goes through the sunroom to help your indoor plants flourish. Greenery goes a long way in enhancing the relaxing vibe of your sunroom, especially given the abundance of sunlight.

2. Accentuate With Natural Materials

When it comes to choosing your furniture, the options are limitless. A good suggestion worth following is to choose furniture made from natural materials, like wood, rattan, or bamboo. These contribute to enhancing that outdoor-indoor feel in your sunroom.

However, a word of caution to remember is to consider also the amount of sun that goes through your sunroom. The furniture you use should, at its best, withstand exposure to outdoor elements. Hence, it stays in good condition through time. Like the rest of your home, furniture is a big buy that lasts at least through the next five to ten years, not sooner.

3. Go Bold With Patterns

Sunroom with bold patterns
Sunroom with bold patterns
Be it for your rugs, curtains, or throw pillows, the sunroom is one of the places in your home that gives a lot of opportunities to go bold with patterns. That's brought about by the relaxed and informal nature of a sunroom is characterized as. Moreso, patterns can help the sunroom bring to life, as an excellent contrast to all the glass and scenery that envelopes your sunroom.

You can choose natural furniture to be the main centrepiece in your sunroom. Then, accentuate with a layer of different patterns to put your sunroom together.

4. Face Your Furniture To The View

Decorating a space like your sunroom entails putting much thought into even the smallest details, like how you position your furniture. Each room has many different principles, but with a sunroom, the most crucial consideration is the view. That is, after all, the edge a sunroom has.

Position your furniture so that anyone sitting faces the view and not turns their back against it. Otherwise, you cannot make the most out of the view when entertaining and lounging if your back is against it.

Along with the furniture, avoid having obstructions to the view, too. Any wall décor should be placed on the side where you have a wall and not where the glass is. As much as possible, all the floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows should be clear of any visual nuisance to keep your sunroom from looking cluttered.

5. Insert A Skylight

Sunrooms can either have a skylight or have only glass doors and windows. If your sunroom is the latter, consider installing a skylight. That is, of course, given that you're willing to go through the renovation work of breaking through your roof. It's a lot of work, but certainly worth it now that you have more light in your sunroom.

Sunrooms often feel incomplete without a skylight. It triples the amount of light to enjoy the view of the sky and your garden, with more glass around your sunroom instead of opaque structures.

Decorate Your Sunroom Today

Sunrooms provide an excellent opportunity for homeowners to extend their living and entertaining space. While an extra corner to have in a home, a sunroom is still worth constructing, with all the aesthetic and relaxing values it adds to a household. A sunroom gives homeowners a change of scenery, even if they have to stay indoors. When the weather is good, there's so much natural light. The view is excellent and with the right furniture and décor, homeowners can now escape to lounge at home. Give your sunroom an inviting feel with the design insights above.

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