5 Ways To Use Acrylic Sheets At Home

Acrylic is becoming increasingly popular as a material around the home for a number of reasons. It's durable, versatile, nearly as clear as glass, cheaper, lighter, and easier to work with. These are just some of the many reasons more and more people are investing in acrylic accessories and fittings around their home.
Clear Acrylic Sheets
Clear Acrylic Sheets

How can you use acrylic at home?

If you're interested in doing the same, here are five ideas for ways you can use acrylic sheets around your home.

1. Window panes

Acrylic is becoming a popular alternative to glass in windows as it's much more affordable, easier to install, and considerably more resistant to shattering. Windows can make all the difference in a home's look and feel, so if you're thinking about updating your window frames consider updating your panes at the same time.

2. Acrylic furniture

Acrylic furniture is growing in popularity for the same reason - it offers a similar visual style to glass without the associated risk of shattering. Acrylic is also much lighter than glass which means larger furniture items, like tables and cabinets, become that much easier to position in the home.

3. Cabinet windows & doors

Acrylic isn't just useful for the windows around the exterior of your home, it can also be useful in your furniture. Rather than glass panels, acrylic panels offer that increased level of durability and ease of maintenance. There are just as many variations in colour, style, and pattern for you to choose from too.

4. Acrylic picture frames

That level of durability also comes in useful when using acrylic picture frames. This can be useful if you live in a particularly active home with children and/or animals. There's nothing worse than hearing the crash of an expensive and fragile picture frame as it shatters. Acrylic offers the same visuals, with much better durability.

5. Acrylic shelving

Acrylic is also growing in popularity when used as shelving. The aforementioned durability is a key reason for this. Also acrylic is so light that it makes installing shelving that much easier, especially when doing so yourself. The transparent nature of it can also help to make a room look larger, while still offering the functionality of shelves.

The tip of the acrylic iceberg

These are just some of the many different ways acrylic is becoming increasingly popular in usage around the home. In all its applications the key aspects of acrylic that make it so popular are its affordability, its durability, its versatility, and the fact that it's so easy to maintain.

As mentioned, if you live in an active home or you live in an area where your glass may be exposed to a regular risk of shattering then swapping to acrylic can be a great alternative. Not only does replacing your glass with acrylic cost less, but it gives you that peace of mind that comes from knowing its far less likely to shatter - and in the worst case scenario it can be easily replaced.

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