7 ways to enhance your property's buyer appeal

Selling a property on the market can be very challenging, especially when you have plenty of competitors. With that, you need to ensure that you can grab your chance with every aspiring homeowner that'll visit your property. When a potential buyer sees your property, you should immediately catch their attention and make it feel like they're entering their own potential home. You can achieve that through proper home staging. Here are 7 ways that you can enhance your property's buyer appeal with effective home staging.

1. Go With Neutral Colours

To be on the safe side when it comes to presenting your property, you should opt to go for neutral tones in the backdrop of walls so you can attract more people to your property. While going for loud colours might be ideal for you, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, especially if they're looking for a peaceful environment.

Ideally, you should only use light paints such as the many varieties and options of white, beige, and light grey. Grey is particularly on trend at the moment but choose a warm grey. In this way, you can easily match your furnitureto any neutral theme that you'd like. As you go for neutral backdrop colours, you could then add small pops of colour to decorations and easy-to-replace items such as cushions, vases, throws, and artwork. In this way, you won'tdistract people about the colour choices you chose to have.
Property Staging using neutral colours

2. Quality Skirting and architrave

Skirting your walls, doesn't only add beauty to your home, but it also helps to add extra insulation inside your property to prevent it from overheating or cooling. In this way, you can have hit two birds with one stone.

To ensure that your property gets the best quality skirting, you should look for reputable companies online like The Skirting Board Shop or whichever is nearer to your area. Ideally, you should see their customer gallery to see the results of their work and identify if it passes your quality test.

Architrave around doors and windows is also a key thing to pay attention to, if it's chipped fill and paint it, if it discoloring then painting it with fresh white paint will lift the appearance of the whole room.

3. Create A Theme

A home will have an improved buyer appeal to sell faster if it follows a single theme through the entire floor. While going for a Scandinavian living room and modern kitchen sounds like a plan, you should first see how they'll flow and go along with each other. Ideally, you should implement a single theme inside your home for balance and organization.

If you're planning to have a minimalist home, you should keep it that way in every room, including the bedrooms. You can choose to spice it up a little when it comes to the main bedroom, as a great design of the room can immediately increase your chances of getting a sale. Choose one feature wall for a slightly darker tone paint or a wallpaper. Add features with colourful cushions and throws. Matching bedside cabinets and lamps add a touch of style. Avoid clutter in this room above all other, set the scene of a peaceful escape and a sanctuary of calm.

4. Provide Proper Landscaping

The first thing a potential buyer sees on your property is the exterior part of the house. With that, you may want to set their expectations that they'll be having a great home by having a great landscape design
Great Landscape Design
When it comes to landscaping, you don't need to make it over-luxurious or spend too much. Ideally, you should go for easy-to-care evergreen plants so you wouldn't have to go the trouble of upkeep if you have a busy life.

Pruning back and weeding are key things to keep on top of and jet-washing paving can make it look like new.

With carful landscaping, you can immediately improve the appearance of your home, which can help in the asking price as it's a job most buyers don't want to do.

5. Upgrade Taps And Sinks

Many homes use aluminium finish for their taps and sinks. While they're pretty standard since they're easy to maintain and reasonably cheap, it helps to upscale your property's buyer appeal if you upgrade themto a different and unique finish.

Apart from using aluminium, you could opt to use matte black or polished brass for an upgraded look. To allow them to be a highlight of your kitchen, it would be best if you could match the design of your kitchen and bathroom.

However, ensure that the whole look is consistent within the room and if budget does not allow then a sparkle and polish can reap huge reward and have them looking show home new!
Taps and Sinks

6. Include A Functional Office Space

The time today calls for many people to work inside their homes, at least part of their week. With that, you may want to give them insight into how they could set up their home office inside your property.

If your house has an extra room or more than three bedrooms, you could stage it as a functional office space, ideally where it could get most sunlight from vast windows. However, if you have limited space, you may want to provide a dedicated area inside a room and add a table and office chair, which will allow people to work. You can choose to add small indoor plants and motivational frames, or a large planter to partially screen the space off to create a useful and attractivehome office space.
Home Office Small Space

7. Maximize Every Space

Most people look for maximum storage space for their new home. With that, you may want to optimize every corner of your home by showing them storage options that they could benefit from.

For your large blank spaces, you could add hanging shelves or paintings that can fill empty gaps. You can even add an accent table with a lamp, plant or vase to complete the room. For bigger areas, you can choose to add coffee tables or reading nooks that some people would highly appreciate.


Staging your property can be very challenging, especially that people have different tastes when it comes to their homes. With that, going for neutral would never hurt, and try to go for crowd favourite designs. In this way, you'll have a little space for errors and hopefully, make a sale. As you stage your home, ensure that it's tidy and declutter everything non-essential.

If you feel that you need professional assistance with your Staging at any point then don't hesitate to get in touch We will assess your property, the style, the target market and create a plan for you to bring out the best features of your home before it goes to market.

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