Furnishing Serviced Apartments, HMO and Air BnB with style

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How do we make your investment property look amazing?

Well, it's that perfect balance of understated style, oozing lifestyle appeal, yet with comfort and homely appeal at the same time, that we get just right. We use an on-trend colour pallet as our base. The furniture has to be practical, light and easy to maintain but stylish too, giving the space an extra something, that you wouldn't get in a BnB. Then we introduce soft furnishings, essential pieces of lighting and finishing touches to complement the scheme to add the perfect balance of style and structure. We create an apartment that appeals to professionals travelling for work, couples looking for a city break as well as long terms lets.

Serviced Apartments, HMO, Air BnB and longer terms lets - Our specialty is styling these spaces in order to increase return on styling investment and efficient property portfolio management. By considering Home Staging Services, you will be making doubly sure that your property reaches its full potential and rents at the best possible price.

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Serviced apartment - fully booked for 3 months in advance within 1 week of using our Home Staging furniture service

Successfully styled Air BnB and full bookings equals healthy investment returns

"We don't provide a furniture pack - We provide a full styling solution"

Apartments furnished by us are contracted by clients who are a little more discerning...That means that customers booking the property will be a little more discerning and this results in increased bookings and improved rates. Win. Win. Ka-Ching.

HMO Furnishing Solutions Leeds
HMO Furnishing project solution - Leeds!

HMO Furnishing solutions - happy tenants make happy landlords!

Q "Should a room for rent be cosy?" Answer - YES IT SHOULD!
Q "Should a room for rent be an oasis and shelter for the person who lives in it?" Answer - YES, ABSOLUTELY IT SHOULD!

The more we care about our tenant's experience while staying in our property, the better they will feel in their environment and will be more willing to recommend and share their experiences with others.Pearl Home create properties that are warm and homely to give busy professionals the type of environment they expect. The above furnishing solution was well received by tenants and landlord and created comfortable homes and geberous ROI.

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Tax deductable furniture - refreshing HMO stock for upgraded style and improved tenancy

It's worth remembering that landlords can claim a tax deduction for the cost of replacing domestic items such as moveable furniture, household appliances and other furnishings like carpets and floor coverings. So when your properties need fully refreshing and a new style to improve rentals, get in touch.

How much do emotionals influence renters decisions when choosing a place to rent?

Apparently we're not the cold rational decision makers we would like to be. Emotions are involved in all decision making. This is why perfect styling creates such a positive response from buyers and renters alike. "We need emotions to make decisions, their input means we're not the cold rational agents that traditional economics assumes us to be." Alexander Boden.

Statistics show that Home Staging sells and rents more property faster for more money:

• 95% of Estate Agents and property developers said Home Staged homes sold faster than none-staged homes.*1
• 85% of staged property saw a 6-25% increase in selling price compared to property not professionally staged.*2
• Over 80% of viewers cannot visualise the potential of empty property.*3
• Buyers make up their minds within 60 seconds of entering the property.*4

Renters and tenants find the aesthetics and the appeal of furniture and styling in an apartment of crucial importance. In this visual world the marketing images and viewings should engage the emotional part of the buyer/renters brain to create positive decision making.

One additional tip to esnuring engaging imagery for your investment property marketing is not just the staging and styling, but the importance of using professional property photographers that capture the essence of lifestyle. Ask us if you wish to receive a quote from our network of property photography professionals.

Marta can visit to carry out a consultation or provide a virtual staging consultation via video call and advise about services to optimise your property for sale. Get in touch

Air BnB Furnishing Leeds  
Air BnB Furnishing and Styling project in Leeds

Air BnB Staging with Style that appeals to all the senses

We humans have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us. In Home Staging we use all of these senses to simulate the comfort and appeal of a home. The sight of the colours and visually pleasing arrangment chosen for aesthetics, the tactile feel of soft furnishings, indications of music originating from carefully placed accessories and food sensory items with lifestyle sets of coffee cups and snacks. Each plays a part in making the scene one that the renter or buyer will want to be part of.

House Wow® Home Staging Services

House Wow Associates across the UK offer local Consultations to discuss your requirements. We provide unique styling for furniture and accessories suitable to your property style and needs. Using quality furnishings from our trusted trade suppliers, we achieve the high standards required by our customers, meeting budget and timescales to get your property designed, styled and markted for sale to sell fast at the best possible price.

Sources: Statistics for staging property rentals and sales
*1 HSA Home Staging Report 2019
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