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Your back garden doesn't have to be high-maintenance. Although, some homeowners may erroneously think that low-maintenance is synonymous to low-appeal. The reverse is always the case. A low-maintenance garden is not only relaxing and easy to care for, but it can be designed to have minimalistic aesthetics. The peacefulness and quietness of a minimalistic low-maintenance are second to none.

If you are upgrading or renovating your outdoor living space, you should have realised that it can be redesigned to be luxurious without being too expensive to maintain and beyond your budget. To transform your outdoor space into an elegant one, you will have to creatively use lighting, furniture and composite deck flooring to build one. Here are some low maintenance garden ideas that you should consider:

Build a deck

The first step to creating a beautiful garden is by building a deck with a low-maintenance composite material. This will add to the beauty of your garden and boost the total value of your residential property. You can start by using composite deck materials and decorating the area with beautiful furniture. This is a good way of creating a relaxation and entertainment spot for your guests and loved ones.
Composite decking in a garden
A great benefit of composite decking is that it is low-maintenance, as you wouldn't need to worry about rot or rust. It is also a fine way of adding curb appeal to your home as this will make your home sell faster when you put it up for sale.

Other decking materials include vinyl, wooden timber and concrete. But if your priority is low-maintenance and durability, then a composite decking floor and a composite fencing are the best direction to go for your garden project.


Although grasses are widely popular for gardening, it is not always the best in some cases, especially around your garden beds. These grasses may act like 'weed', competing with your flowers and gardening crops for nutrients, sunlight and water. Mulching is a great alternative. Mulch is better at preventing weed and nourishing your plant by breaking down.

You can use mulches to decorate certain parts of your garden, especially the garden area and flower bed. Mulching can also save your cost and time. It prevents weed in your garden.

But what if you can't afford or find mulches?

Here are some alternatives to mulches:

- Compost: Compost is made of organic materials in your bin; it can create nourishment for your plants and enrich its root system. It can also disrupt the growth of weed.

- Pine needles This is another cheap alternative to mulch and easier to care for. As it is lighter than mulch, it allows nutrients to reach your plant easily.

- Grass or Lawn Clippings Grass clipping are rich in nitrogen and filled with healthy bacteria to nourish your root growth.

- Leaves: Scattered leaves are more accessible, inexpensive alternative to mulch and can enrich your flowers and plants.

Garden Leaves can be used as mulch for a prettier look

Use Cheap Lighting

Most homeowners overlook lighting as a way of improving their outdoor space. You can use lighting to illuminate paths or beautify around your garden. This will add magnificence and character to your home. For low-maintenance, you can purchase garden light that utilises solar power as it is more affordable and easier to maintain.
Garden lighting in a cosy setting with low cost options
To effectively utilise lighting as a decor in your gardens, imagine your garden space as a stage. Use the lighting as a 'spotlight' on the most beautiful parts of your outdoor space that you feel people should see - flower bed, deck, garden etc.

Here are some cheap low-maintenance lighting ideas:


Lantern is a cheap way of providing light to your garden. It can add romantic beauty and originality to your garden. Lanterns are of different types, shapes and designs. There is the LED candle, solar lantern etc. These can create a beautiful glow around your garden.

Garden light

With the advent of LED technology, we can now enjoy garden light without worrying about high utility bills. LED garden lights are low-maintenance and energy-efficient. They can be used together with solar light to provide light for your garden.

D-I-Y lights

A cost-effective way of lighting up your garden is by homemade lights. For instance, you can use an old can or glass jar to create a lantern.

Christmas lights

Christmas holiday occurs once a year, but your Christmas lights can function to beautify your garden for the rest of the year. You can easily wrap them around plants to create something uniquely special.

Add Colour

Colour may be all your garden needs to look lovely and appealing.

You can paint your flower pots and planters in beautiful colours. You can also plant colourful flowers around your home and adorn them on your composite deck or entrance of your garden. Don't forget your garden gate and fences. Many colours are suitable for garden fencing such as stone grey, navy blue or popular shades of pale green or bottle green can add a colourful backdrop to your garden flower beds and co-ordinate with your decking area and seating.

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