Property extensions and construction tools needed

Many people extend their homes in favour of moving, it can be cheaper and if you love where you live it's a good idea. Firstly you need to get the right people in place, an architect will know the technical potentials of your current property and guide you through local planning regulations.
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Step two is time to get the house builders quotes against your architect's plans and your specifications. Some homeowners choose to go it alone, self-build and project manage various trades. It's important they all know their part and you can get further advice on house extensions at FMB, Federation of Master Builders.
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Homeowners keen to do some of their own build will find companies to hire rather than buy construction tools and equipment.

A range of tools are needed for any construction. Here are some common construction tools whose names you may remember. It is very helpful and important for a construction engineer to know the tools used in the construction industry, especially for a civil engineer. The following article has pictures of the tools with names, and if you want to know something about a particular device, just go to to see these tools, their names and types and rental or purchase options. Visit Boels tool hire to see these tools, their names, types and rental or purchase options.
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Bump Cutter Screed

bump cutter screed rental
Using state-of-the-art equipmentBump Cutter / Screed, it is easy for flatwork fans to obtain the total floor/area number of the FF35 and FL25 floors - typically specific tolerances for warehouse and industrial floors. However, you can even get a flat floor - 45, 60, and more - by understanding what makes the floor less flat and the last points to make the floor even and safe.

Brick Hammer

brick hammer rental
The brick hammer is designed to break stones clean, it can also be used to scrape stones, hammer concrete, split pavers, smash piles, and dry cement. So don't be led by the name - it's a tool that can serve a variety of purposes.

Cordless Drill

cordless drill rental
Some people use their wet saws to cut tiles, while others cannot prefer their trim cutter. But there is at least one power tool in which any DIYer can make most use of and use it at least weekly - cordless drills and drivers. It's portable and can be used for everything from hanging pictures to building a house.

Core Cutter Machine

core cutter machine rental
A core cutter is used to cut concrete in a precise diameter.

Crow Bar

crow bar rental
A crow bar has many uses but most commonly used in property construction and DIY to remove nails from the formwork plate.

Binding Hook

binding hook construction
A binding hook is used for bonding wire in reinforcement within many construction and extension projects.

Boning Rod

boning rod construction tool
Boning bars are made of wood and are shaped like a T. They are used to equalize the length of the excavation trench. At least three boning rods are used to level the trench.

Book Plane (Wooden)

block plane
This tool is used in window and door woodwork.

End Frames

End frame construction
Its use is like line and pins. But instead of pins, L-shaped frames are used at the end of the thread that effectively holds the bricks together and keeps them straight.

Plate Vibrators

plate vibrator
This tool is used to vibrate concrete into a thin section-shaped slab when it is being poured. For work efficiency purposes, we all pour water into the concrete. To avoid this we are using vibrators.


Ladders are also necessary for construction work. To check the work of the slab, to move the material to the upper floor, to paint the walls and so on. Multiple uses for DIYers and construction experts alike.

Empty spaces in extensions and property refurbishments

design styling and staging
If you have a beautiful kitchen extension or home construction project which is now ready but has lots of empty space, then House Wow® stylists can help you with an E-Design plan and strategy to turn your empty rooms into a practical and inviting space for your particular needs.

If you wish to implement a design for wellbeing and sustainability we are experts in this too.
Whether family home or penthouse pad, we have the vision to support your ideas and present proposals to get things accomplished.

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