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"When selling or renting out your property, you should be selling a lifestyle, not just a house"

Misconceptions and myths about Home Staging

There are many misconceptions about Home Staging; some believe staging is only for clients with big budgets and flash houses. Some wonder why they would need a professional to re-style their perfectly beautiful home prior to sale and some wonder if staging is even a profession.

"Home Staging really is a profession...."

Yes! Home Staging, is a profession and it is growing rapidly, as more and more estate agents and property owners have noticed the increase in selling price as well as the quicker turnover they can achieve by having the property staged.

Viewing a property's potential or viewing as is?

More people than you'd think just don't have the ability to see beyond the shiny wallpaper, avocado green bathroom tiles and a lounge filled with treasures from the family travels. 75% of people can't imaging what it 'could' look like.

75% - that's a lot of people missing the point...and failing to put an offer in!

As Barb Schwarz, the well known US creator of the term Home Staging, says:
"Viewers only see what they see, Not how it can be"

Property Staging in Hampshire
Above: A bedroom before and after staging and styling services were undertaken

A tired or un-styled home can stick on the market

"Has your property been on the market a while?"

Your property ends up stuck on Rightmove for a long time, getting stale and causing you to reduce the selling price, possibly losing the house you were hoping to move in to.

Property Staging Dorset
Above: Before and After Home Staging and Styling

Is an empty property any more appealing to viewers?

Similarly, a totally empty house is harder to sell, as it is difficult to get a feel for what would fit in the different spaces. Empty property can echo, feel cold and uninviting. Showing a lifestyle that a potential buyer can identify with and see themselves in, has proven to be very effective. Rightmove statistics show that Home Staging increases the selling price of a property by an average of 8%.

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Decluttering to grab those buyers

Even households where the owners are told they have amazing style and taste, will benefit from a clear up and staging prior to the Estate Agent's photo shoot. Although selling an already beautiful home, the key is to sell a decluttered decluttered and serene feel that gives the potential buyer a sense of calm and comfort rather than a cluttered, stressful and busy lifestyle most of us are already living. They want to live the dream, not the reality.

When staging, it's best to remove personal objects, however don't declutter completely or the property will look bare and unwelcoming! Light and airy yet cosy interiors are proven to be attractive to the widest range of property buyers.

Does Home Staging have to be expensive?

A consultation and Home Staging report will start from £250, where we will give the client a detailed guide on how to stage the property to achieve best buyer appeal. We offer different packages from a "Mini staging" prior to Estate Agent's photo shoot, to a more "Full Staging Service" where possible home improvements such a painting/ decorating and furnishing to dress the property could be part of the package.

Ask us about a full Property Sale Accelerator Report covering Price, Presentation and Promotion. We'll cover all aspects of the pricing in your location, presentation suggestions and how best to get the property marketed for sale. Not every Estate Agent is the same. We can advise you about best Estate Agent practise. Prices start at £950.00 Costs for Home Staging, depending on client's requirements, often range between 1-2% of the asking price. In most cases this is much less than the first price reduction the seller might be faced with when the property is not selling.

Would hiring a professional Home Staging expert be worth it?

Selling your home can be a daunting undertaking. You might be leaving a house full of memories and you are busy sifting through all your belongings choosing what to bring and what to depart with. At the same time, you are trying to show off your home to fetch the highest price as quickly as possible.

Study shows that most of us spend more time shopping for a new suit than we do looking around a potential new home. You only have 5-10 mins to catch a buyer's interest!

By hiring a professional, you can rely on someone who will know how to present the features you love about your home in the very best way for that all-important buyer appeal.

Find out how Linda and the team at StyledSpaces can help you to see the best potential in your property whether it is selling, renting or upgrading your home or investment property. Get in touch

Linda can visit to carry out a consultation or provide a virtual staging consultation via video call and advise about services to optimise your property for sale. Get in touch

Property Styling Bedroom Show flat  
Above: Show Flat - Styled and Ready to sell property fast

Home Staging Results and Statistics

Statistics show that Home Staging sells and rents more property faster for more money:

• 95% of Estate Agents and property developers said Home Staged homes sold faster than none-staged homes.*1
• 85% of staged property saw a 6-25% increase in selling price compared to property not professionally staged.*2
• Over 80% of viewers cannot visualise the potential of empty property.*3
• Buyers make up their minds within 60 seconds of entering the property.*4

House Wow® Home Staging Services

House Wow Associates across the UK offer local Consultations to discuss your requirements. We provide unique styling for furniture and accessories suitable to your property style and needs. Using quality furnishings from our trusted trade suppliers, we achieve the high standards required by our customers, meeting budget and timescales to get your property designed, styled and markted for sale to sell fast at the best possible price.

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*1 HSA Home Staging Report 2019
*2 HSR International

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