Using Home Staging & Property Photography to create Faster Property Sales

'The perfect chemistry to help buyers fall in love with a property at first sight'

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Tara at Home in Stylish lounge with luxury staged accessories
Browsing a recent Hello Magazine, I was fascinated to see an article featuring Tara Newley (daughter of Joan Collins) who shared her experience of finding her prize country home in Somerset. Tara recalled: "I got as far as the landing before I said, 'I want this house'. It's been an absolute love affair ever since."

This avows a continued pattern that house buyers want to completely fall in love with the home they're purchasing and the lifestyle that it offers, to be willing to take a leap and invest a significant sum of money.

Research unveils that most buyers form an opinion of a property within the first 8 seconds, so it's imperative to showcase your property at its very best and present its unique charm, character and lifestyle that the buyers desire.

So how do you get a property into pristine condition and create the ambience that will give buyers 'that feeling' to fall head over heels for your home?

It starts with how you visually present your property. You wouldn't turn up on an important first-date without a personal hair tidy up, wearing your best outfit and complete with a spritz of your favourite scent... so why would you sell your house in a condition that is not going to grab a buyer's head and heart? A small investment in staging always outweighs a price reduction.

"I got as far as the landing before I said, 'I want this house'. It's been an absolute love affair ever since."
Tara Newley

How to Present a Property for the market

There are effective practices to achieve the best presentation without a huge outlay, one being professional home staging. Staging is a proven technique to market your home. Success stories show professional staging can increase the offer value by up to 10%+. It adds the WOW to your home and sets you apart from properties in the neighbourhood, addresses exterior kerb appeal, interior layouts, furniture and furnishings, lighting, traffic flow, colour schemes and lifestyle appeal. Professional Home Stagers can also advise on refurbishments, as with the property seen in the before and after images here. We organised new flooring, decorations and window treatments as well as the furnishing, accessorising and photography. See more Staging Tips here.
Staged Homes Sell three Times Faster than none-staged Homes

Home Staging and Property Photography

Home Staging shown in a Dining area of a property for sale
Home Staging and Professional Photography together create the perfect mélange. In today's market, 90% of buyers search online first and stylish professional photographs of your property will be the first opportunity to achieve a favourable impression.

First impressions are extremely tenacious as once imprinted in your mind, it is difficult to change a perception. Eye-catching photographs will help your property to stand out from the crowd and engage your prospect buyers to want to see more.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression"
Oscar Wilde
Videos and 3D Virtual Tours are becoming 'the new normal' to provide an immersive experience of your home and minimise unnecessary footfall in the current climate of the pandemic. Hiring a professional photographer to capture and emphasise key focal points in your home and portray a lifestyle that buyers crave is an essential part of property marketing strategy.

You can see in the image below a lounge staged to sell. Professional photography enabled best presentation for marketing. Complete the online enquiry form or check out our other home staging services.
Home Staging and Professional Photography shown in a stylish Lounge in a property for sale

Appealing and Picture Perfect

When it comes to buying or selling property, whether you lean towards being romantic or pragmatic, or both, a home will need to appeal to both heads and hearts. Given today's climate and the current trend of escaping city life, a staged home with its heart centred around wellbeing and lifestyle is highly desirable.

For more advice on how to get buyers to fall in love with a property at first sight fast, whether renting or selling, complete with picture-perfect photography, please get in touch. Contact Elise.
We can offer Stage to sell Consultations as well as full project management to implementation. Contact Elise below...

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