Decluttering with Understairs Storage

Decluttering with understairs storage
An example of a well organised understairs storage solution
Could it be that the most overlooked part of the house is not living up to its full potential? Often used as a place to store the odd broom and vacuum cleaner, the cupboard under the stairs is one of those places in the house that is completely forgotten about - until it becomes very useful.

Indeed, the understairs storage is one of the best storage solutions in the house. Not only is it completely tucked away, but it also doesn't require any additional furniture as it is completely embedded into the fabric of the house. And with such a space comes a number of benefits.

The Need for Space-Saving Solutions

Decluttering understairs professional design
An example of a professionally created understairs storage solution
In this modern age, there's no limit to the amount of stuff we can own, and with that comes the higher chance of clutter in our homes. Be it decorative furniture that doesn't serve any purpose or collectables that just gather dust, we own a lot that simply adds weight and mess to our homes.

Unfortunately, such hording practices can lead to stress. If there are no sufficient storage solutions in place, these things can make your house feel cluttered and messy, no matter how frequently you tidy up. Keep stress at bay by decluttering your home and asking yourself if some of your possessions bring you any functionality or sentimental value. If not, that's a good reason to get rid of it.

Benefits of Understairs Storage

Decluttering understairs shelving
An example of a practical storage solution
Let's be honest, there's not much else that your understairs storage is being used for. And although it may be an awkward shape, it can accommodate for a surprising amount of stuff, be those seasonal things like extra blankets, duvets, coats and big boots.

Understairs storage also has the capacity to add value to your home. By investing in understairs storage solutions, you can build made-to-measure shelves and cupboards that keep your possessions dry and in good condition. With practicality an increasingly popular selling point, it's these kind of design choices that will make your house stand out from the rest when it comes to selling.

Tips for Implementing Understairs Storage

Decluttering understairs study
An example of an understairs storage solution for office based needs
Given its shape, it's understairs storage isn't the easiest thing to build and design. Seek advice from a professional carpenter or interior designer and they can send you in the right direction. Then, it's up to you what kind of design choices you want to make.

First of all, decide what kind of things you want to store in here. If it's simply about decluttering, design up and use shelving to maximise space. This way, you can store books and other heavy things with ease. If you don't want to see all your stuff whenever you look under the stairs, you might want to add some concealed storage like boxes or cabinets with drawers. Either way, you might have to get them custom-made in order for them to fit.
Decluttering understairs storage
An example of a simple understairs storage solution for plants

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