Harnessing a Chevroned Wood Flooring with Your Decor

Chevron wood flooring is a statement. It has to be to treated in a slightly different manner to other floorings. Read on for our tips.
Chevron Wood Flooring Example
Nowadays, chevroned and herringbone wood flooring are the 2 most popular types of flooring. To be precise, herringbone flooring is well-known for giving the house a unique, classical wooden look.

On the other hand, the chevron wood floor also gives a unique character to the interior of the house. With this type of floor, decorating any room in your house becomes a really pleasant task.

That's why we decided to create this guide and give you some advice on how to decorate a chevron parquet floor. Without further ado, let's see why a chevroned or a herringbone wood floor could be the right choice for you.

1. Why should you choose Chevronned or Herringbone wood flooring?

To make a long story short: With a chevroned or a herringbone parquet floor, you can harness your personal style because the colour palette and timeliness of these wooden floors are great. These two types of wooden floors create a space that you can easily fill with your personal touch.

The herringbone pattern even makes your room look bigger. Plus, chevron wood flooring offers amazing dimensional stability that you can use to bring your personal decorating style to every corner of the room.

2. Choosing the colour palette

The first thing you should do is determine the colour palette you want to use for your furniture. There are numerous colour palettes for chevron and herringbone parquet, but all of them are fully coordinated with specific colours.

Usually, colours like red, grey, yellow, blue, orange and brown go perfectly with these types of wood floors. For example, blue chairs and sofas look fantastic next to light brown wooden floors.

However, the colour palette you use to decorate your chevron wood floor depends mostly on your personal preferences.

3. How to create a unique living room with a Chevron wood floor

Nowadays, the way we furnish our living room is completely influenced by the floor. Using a wooden floor with a chevron or herringbone pattern gives you many different options for decoration.

First of all, these types of wooden floors fit perfectly with a classic retro interior. Of course, there are other interior styles that go great with wooden floors, such as minimalist furniture.

When it comes to the type of furniture, the tall legs will probably make your room look even bigger and add a touch of lightness to your interior.

Finally, the colour of the wood floor in your living room also plays a big role in the arrangement of the furniture. For example, if your chevron wood floor comes with a dark brown colour, you should probably avoid placing a lot of furniture in one corner.

A well-designed interior with only the most necessary furniture and not too many flashy items will give your room a nice old-fashioned look.

4. Decor your chevroned wood floor bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, there are numerous things you can play with to make your main room look like your dreams.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the colour palette of your wardrobe. With a wood floor, the colour of the wardrobe shouldn't be very vibrant. For example, if your chevron wood floor comes with a light shade of brown, you can choose a light white or grey for your wardrobe.

Finally, the bed and nightstands can be in the same colour palette as your wood floor to create an even more wooden look.

5. Wrap Up

If you choose to install a chevroned or a herringbone wood floor in your home, decorating on top of it will be a very pleasant process for you. A wooden floor will match various colour palettes and help you create a beautiful interior.

After all, no matter what type of flooring you choose, the decoration phase comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

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