Home Renovation Projects That Can Add Huge Value To Your Property

Selling your home, especially after years of ownership, can see you receiving a very nice profit as the housing market continues to soar. A house that may have been worth £100k when you purchased it a few decades ago may easily have gained £80k to £100k more in value, and that profit is all yours on top of whatever you've paid off on the mortgage. But of course, there are certain things you can do to further increase those profits by raising the overall value of your home via renovation. To help you with deciding on renovation projects that may be worthwhile for your home, here are a few suggestions for you to consider.
House Renovation Projects
House Renovation Projects

Deal With Problems That Reduce Value

A property can be plagued with many problems that can drop property value, often resulting in lower offers from homebuyers. What you have to remember is that if a buyer is going to have to pay out thousands of pounds to fix a boiler, or repair structural damage to the property, then it makes sense that they would try to get that estimated cost knocked off the sale price of the property. After all, it's what any of us would do if we were in their shoes. This is why it's important to try to make these essential repairs so that there are no major issues for buyers to be worried about. You should also remember that major problems with the property could even dissuade buyers from making an offer altogether, and you then may only be left with a few low offers without much room for negotiation on the final price.

Add A Loft Or Cellar Conversion

Many houses around the country have a lot of unused space in them, and some of the most common areas that aren't utilised are cellars and lofts. Cellars are often avoided because of their dark and dingy atmosphere, and lofts are often hard to reach, even with an in-built ladder. Boarding a loft to make it suitable for storage is always a great idea for a home as you can use this area to declutter your home, but converting your loft into a brand-new room, such as an office or a bedroom, is an even better use of this space. You'll also want to consider adding a permanent staircase to this room so that it doesn't feel like a challenge to get up there. You could also consider renovating your cellar and turning it into a chill-out space or a workshop if you have a craft hobby.

Consider An Extension To Your Property

As well as renovating an entire room, you could even create a brand new one via an extension. Expanding your property is a fantastic way to add some value to your home, as long as you make sure the project doesn't cost you more than you feel you can add to the overall value of the property. This is why you should be conscious of what purpose your extension will serve. If you were to add another bedroom to convert your two-bedroom home into a three-bedroom home, you'll be adding a huge amount of value, which could be upwards of £20k. It's worth hiring a skilled architect if you're looking at working on an extension to your home, especially if it'll be a large project. An architect will be able to ensure that the extension is feasible, and they'll also be able to suggest other useful additions and changes to your plans which could make the whole project even better.

Renovate Your Kitchen

When it comes to renovation work, it's said that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to work on. Many people take out a loan specifically to have a new kitchen fitted or redecorate and renovate the room themselves. The work that needs to be put in for a renovation project like this is much more than most other rooms, including the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Most of these rooms simply need a fresh coat of paint and adding new furniture. When it comes to a kitchen, however, new cupboards need to be fitted, new appliances will need to be bought, and you might have to do things like tiling work, too. You will likely also need to hire a professional plumber and engineer for work like installing a new dishwasher, sink, or cooker. Because of all of this work, many homebuyers will accept a higher property cost when a kitchen has been freshly renovated, and many others may decide not to place an offer on a home with a poor-quality kitchen due to how much it will cost to do it themselves.

Redecorate The Whole Property

House Painting and Decorating
House Painting and Decorating
First impressions are always important when showing buyers around your property. One way to improve those impressions is to ensure that your entire home is well decorated and that it can give those buyers a good idea of what the place will look like once they move in. It may also end up assuring them that they will have limited work to do unless they really dislike the decor you've chosen, of course. While it's important to remember that everyone has different tastes, a clean and freshly decorated home can still improve those first impressions and encourage more buyers to make an offer on the property, which will naturally drive the final accepted offer up.

Replace Your Windows And Doors

When certain parts of your home start to degrade, certain parts will have more of an impact on the feel of the whole house than others. One particularly problematic one is doors and windows. There are many faults that windows have, such as a badly sealed window frame which will naturally let in more cold air, reducing the insulation of your home. Door frames can also be an issue here, so if this is a problem in your home, you might want to consider replacing your doors and windows. This will make a stark difference to people considering buying your property, as these things are often noticed. If your doors and windows are obviously worn and old, a buyer may offer lower than the asking price of the property, as they'll be well aware that these will need replacing at some point after they move in. As well as this, new doors and windows can be very aesthetically pleasing and add to those first impressions we discussed earlier.

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