How beautiful interiors affect our lives

The home is our resource space and, among other things, affects how we feel and express ourselves, and therefore, how our relations with the outside world develop. The aesthetics of the external space affects our sense of self, helping to come to inner harmony and through it change the quality and standard of life. Just as you experience the incredible feeling of driving a luxury car, you can also enjoy being in a beautiful space. Also, most likely you have noticed that beautiful places and things greatly affect our mood. For example, you went to the site, where you rent a luxury automobile and go for a drive around your favorite city. At this moment, you are surrounded by a beautiful rental car and incredible scenery. Is it possible to be in a bad mood in such an environment? So it is with the interior, when it is filled with harmony and beautiful things, the mood of any person will be upbeat.

So, what aspects can be worked out with the help of a beautiful interior?

Aesthetic perception
The ability to find beauty in all manifestations of life helps to expand the scope of perception of the world.

Making your life beautiful is not so difficult, you just need to be attentive to details, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The point is not only to surround yourself with expensive and pleasing to the eye things, but also to see this beauty around - in nature, in people, in yourself. Pleasant fabrics, pieces of furniture, colors that reflect our inner sense of ourselves, attract the reality we want to come to.

Surrounding ourselves with what we like, we reveal our inner potential, we release the energy of creation and creativity. Admiring and interacting with beautiful objects, we are filled with this voluminous energy of beauty. It also triggers other mechanisms: by enabling the space around us, we flourish and fill up.
Example of a beautiful interior
Example of a beautiful interior

Self love

Replenishing the resource and creating a comfortable atmosphere helps to come to terms with oneself and build harmonious relationships with others. It is important for us to constantly replenish our resources. You can fill yourself from the inside through practice or meditation. And you can nourish yourself through the external - make the surrounding space reinforcing. It is enough to put on beautiful home clothes, pour tea into a porcelain cup to feel harmony with yourself and start to glow from the inside.

When rearranging, repairing or choosing home accessories, ask yourself: do I feel closer to a spacious free space full of air, or do I want comfort, pillows, more textiles? Do I want bright colors, rich colors and shapes, or do I want calm shades? The interior can harmonize, support and balance our state, filling life with colors or, conversely, creating a space of silence, depending on what period we are living in right now.
Example of a beautiful bedroom
Example of a beautiful bedroom

Peace of mind

A conscious attitude to the space of the house increases our awareness in life - we choose only what we really need. We do not make impulsive purchases, we do not enter into destructive relationships, we feel like-minded people, we know exactly what we are striving for.

When you want a fresh sip in life, change can be triggered through external reality. If tension has accumulated inside or anxiety is felt, and it is not yet clear how to deal with this, you can start with the surrounding space. For example, cleaning and decluttering the house, paying attention to every detail.

Chaotically scattered things or objects that no longer fill us, become background irritants. After all, our subconscious processes all the little things, scanning space, and it takes a lot of energy. Putting things in order in the house, on the phone, on hard drives, we clear the place for the arrival of the new.

When analysing things, the part with which you are ready to part can be endowed with new meanings. Imagine that these are symbols of your failures, resentment, unpleasant memories. And then the usual analysis of things will become a therapeutic process and will help free not only the apartment, but also your consciousness from the background conditions that interfere.

Do not throw away things thoughtlessly, ask yourself questions. Why is this thing in my house? How did it get to me? Do I still like it? If not, why don't I throw it away? Is there some kind of fear in this that there will not be another, or a feeling of insufficiency? It would seem that we not only just sorted out the shelves in the closet or in the kitchen, but we also got a lot of interesting answers about ourselves as well.
Example of a beautiful lounge
Example of a beautiful lounge
The beauty of a home is not about an expensive interior, but about the ability to hear yourself and follow your impulses, filling the space of the house. Only in this way can one become aware of one's own phenomenon of beauty - and, therefore, strengthen oneself.

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