How to increase the value of your garden before selling your home

A common consideration for home buyers, especially for those that now work from home permanently, is the garden. As well as young professionals spending a majority of time at home, young families and people with dogs will cherish a quality garden area, and simply having a reasonable garden space can significantly bolster the value of your house. However, a well-maintained garden can also add even more value to a property. Here are some ways that you can improve your garden to significantly boost the overall value of your home before you put it on the market.
Garden table and chairs
Garden table and chairs in a relaxing setting

Presentation is everything

As we mentioned before, simply having a garden adds significant value to your property. However, one that is aesthetically pleasing and isn't just an overgrown dumping ground can wow potential buyers and make them realise that they simply don't need to do anything to the space to enjoy it. Keeping on top of your garden maintenance, especially during the time you're looking to sell your property, is essential, as a tidy garden will naturally be more striking than a messy one. But remember, while that extra work may be tiring, it could easily encourage more potential buyers to make some pleasing offers.

Add Some Practicality

While a garden is an important space for relaxing and getting some fresh air, it's also possible to use it for more practical purposes. Creating a garden office is a great way to make use of the space. It's highly recommended that if you're going to do this, avoid simply converting your garden shed and putting a desk inside. A custom-built outside office can be a brilliant investment for your garden. Just ensure that it's made with high-quality wood cladding such as red cedar or oak to ensure the weather or insects won't damage it. You can also find a technical guide on corrapol stormproof & corrapol PVC Installation via ClearAmber Shop. These materials will help protect your outside office from the elements, keeping your interior nice and dry and reducing the risk of water damage.

Create A Space For Entertaining

Many home buyers want a garden area in which they can host friends and family for summertime gatherings. Hosting a barbeque or an outdoor party can be a very enjoyable experience, so showing people how they can use the space by creating a specific area for entertaining is very smart. Decking and patios are great options for this, and you can create the look by adding some clean and sleek outdoor furniture to them. Make sure your furniture is clean and well taken care of, and don't forget to stage this area a bit when people come to view it. A few drinks glasses laid out and some ornaments like outdoor lanterns can make a world of difference to a buyer as it can get their imagination going.

Make Your Garden Private

One thing that can really put people off is gardens that don't provide the owners with privacy. Chain links, low fences and walls, and the surrounding views from neighbours can all be problematic for buyers, so finding ways to protect your garden from prying eyes can be a great selling point. Consider replacing any inadequate fencing and adding tall plants and trees to obscure the space. You could even add climbing plants to walls and fences, which can provide acoustic dampening, reducing the noise from nearby roads and neighbours.

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