How window frames can upgrade a home

Thinking of replacing the windows for your property? Or perhaps you're after some better-quality frames for the wintertime? Upgrading windows can offer a broad range of benefits including style and comfortable living. Many homeowners don't realise the impact that windows can have on the look and feel of a property but they're also a necessity in terms of thermal efficiency and insulation. When renovating or upgrading a home, window repairs can completely transform a space, changing both the aesthetics and structure.
Window frames can help to upgrade your home

When should you replace your windows?

Whether you just want a new look or there is visible wear, knowing when windows need to be replaced can save further issues from arising. Windows cover around 25% of wall space and have a huge impact on energy consumption, noise pollution and the overall appearance of a property. Making them a big priority when it comes to home improvement. There are a number of signs which mean windows need replacing and these could help to avoid any future bills, damage or environmental issues.
  • There's a draft in your home
  • Condensation on window glass
  • Outside noise
  • Damage and wear
  • You're wanting a new look

How new windows could upgrade your home

Offering a breath of fresh air (visually and physically), replacing windows can provide your house and occupants with a variety of benefits. Replacement windows add a contemporary look and can add a sense of personality to your home exterior.

Improved home efficiency

Investing in double-glazed windows is a simple and easy way to improve energy efficiency. These window frames act as an amazing thermal barrier which ensures heat doesn't escape in the colder months and keeps the environment at a comfortable temperature. With the cost of living rising, more people are trying to lower bills and energy consumption, so having good insulation is a huge bonus. This means central heating won't need to be used as often, drafts won't be getting in and energy won't be wasted.

Home aesthetic

If you're wanting to improve your home in terms of looks, getting new windows is a popular choice. With so many options in regards to styles, materials, colour and finishings, new windows can truly make a place your own. Window frames such as aluminium windows also come with a range of RAL colours to either keep your home looking classic or add something unique. These frames are available in a range of shapes in order to create different styles and trends. For instance, if you're wanting to add a vintage appeal to your home, you might opt for arched or curved window frames.
Stylish window frames will help to enhance your home

Window maintenance

Newer windows are easy to manage, easier to clean and easier to repair. Aluminium windows, in particular require very little maintenance in terms of cleaning and upkeep and usually only need a quick wipe-over with a damp cloth. In terms of maintenance, these window frames are simply top-quality products, meaning they can withstand different weather conditions, avoid shrinkage, avoid corrosion and last several years.

Improved home security

Older window frames are slimmer, easily accessible and typically aren't accessorised with special security finishings. Installing new windows will add a sense of security to a home or property, especially if older windows are damaged or worn down. More modern frames could include features such as locks, alarms, multipoint locking and fixed positioning. Many people also invest in tinted window frames, one-way mirror effects or privacy windows for extra security.
Windows can improve home security

Increasing Home Value

Many people invest in their homes with the future in mind. Whether you're renovating a house to rent out or living there for a couple of years, home improvements can increase the value of your home and make it feel and look more prestige. New windows will offer all the benefits listed above to the new occupants and could help with a quicker sale, high price and better investments.
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