Is Your Home Clean enough, or is it a Health Hazard

If you are looking to sell your property then you are no doubt looking at all the methods you can use to speed the process up. Staging a home is now more popular than ever, and can really help to move a home on.

Sometimes, it can be troublesome to sell a house, and any help you can get should be taken. If you look at Statista's chart showing house sales in England and Wales from 2015 to 2021, then you will see just how much they can fluctuate.

Covid was a big problem with house sales and caused many delays. Things are looking better now for house sellers, but sometimes a helping hand is still needed.

You no doubt understand that cleaning your home for viewing is crucial, but have you also considered how important it is to health, and how that might affect a sale?

Why is cleaning your home for a house sale so important?

Why cleaning your home is so important
There are plenty of tips for house selling and home staging, and a part of this is to clean your home thoroughly.

Home staging and decluttering can maximise the potential of your home's value. It isn't just aesthetics, these tricks can truly help to sell a home.

Decluttering removes personal items that can take away from the value of the room. They distract the viewer from the potential the home has, and they can inhibit their vision. You want the individual viewing your home to imagine themselves residing in your property. So, removing anything personal will help this to happen.

Staging is also useful for showing off a room to its full potential. But, whether you only declutter, or you stage the home as well, you need to clean.

You want dust-free surfaces, sparkly taps, clear windows, and a bright clean carpet. The home should smell good to the viewer when they walk in, and it should look like it has been polished.

What tips are there for selling a home quicker through cleaning?

As you have read above, it's a great idea to declutter your home and organise it for a quicker house sale.

One recommendation is to clean the carpets thoroughly. Get a steam clean on these to bring them back to life, and remove any grime or odours that are trapped inside. Kitchens and bathrooms are important areas too.

Cooking causes mess, and over time, grease can build up in ovens and on surfaces if not cleaned properly. Limescale can build up in bathrooms on taps and plug holes. The grouting on tiles can dull and discolour.

It is worth spending some time on these areas to bring them up to spec and make a better impression on the viewer. Replacing tired old shower curtains isn't a bad idea either.

It could be worth investing in a professional cleaning company along with a home stager if you have a desire to truly show off your home.

Cleaning might also help to discover some problems that could affect a house sale further down the line. You may even find serious health concerns in your home.

How could your home be a health hazard?

How could your home be a health hazard
Bacteria and allergens can build up in a home very easily if the cleaning isn't kept on top of it.

Simply not cleaning a carpet regularly can lead to health problems. This type of flooring can trap odours that are harmless but might inhibit a house sale if particularly off-putting. However, what you might not realise is that they can also trap allergens and dust, and be a home for unwanted guests.

Using a cleaning company in London to deep clean your carpets will mean that your flooring is healthier as well as looking better. Dust mites live in carpets and upholstery, and these can cause health issues.

Mould can also grow in various areas of the home. This doesn't just affect a person's health, it can cause damage to a home. When this happens you may find selling your home harder than you thought.

How would these issues stop a house sale?

Failing to clean and maintain your home properly could mean that you end up with pests, mould, mildew, and dampness.

Pest infestations would seriously dampen your chances of selling your home for market value. Mould can cause damage to the structure of a home as it eats into plaster and other surfaces.

If you have a problem in your loft with dampness then an inspection could reveal that a new roof is needed. Mould and rot can damage a roof's structure. This is more of a maintenance issue than a cleaning one, but by regularly going through all the areas of a home, it is something that can be avoided.

After an individual makes an offer on your property, they will then have an inspection carried out. If you have pests or mould they will be discovered. If you know about these concerns already, you will have to disclose them.

What could happen to someone living in a home that isn't healthy?

All of this article has been aimed at someone wanting to sell a home, and possibly having some issues regarding cleanliness and health.

However, you may not actually want to sell your home yet and are looking to stay there a little longer. Therefore, you surely want to know that your place is not a health hazard and won't affect your wellness.

Dust mites for instance are very common. They eat tiny particles of skin that are shed by humans and pets, and they breed incredibly fast. These pests can live in beds, upholstery, and in rugs or carpets. They also cause many allergic reactions.

Dust mites can be responsible for exacerbating asthma symptoms. Other symptoms can be caused, and they range from sore throats to red eyes.

Then there is mould. Healthline reports that some symptoms of having mould in a home are skin rashes, lung irritation, and sneezing. Mould also leaves a musty unpleasant odour that will not be attractive to any potential buyer if you are selling.

How to ensure your property is clean and safe to sell

A clean house ready for sale
Clean each room thoroughly, and look for any signs of problems. Damp patches attract some pests and will lead to damage to carpets or the structure after some time.

Inspect the loft and the basement if you have one. These are often problem areas when it comes to mould or pests. If you catch these problems, you can fix them before an inspection is ever made.

Hiring a professional cleaning company might be the best course of action. Getting carpets steam cleaned will work wonders when showing off a home. A proper house clean won't just get your home ready to be sold, it will make it a safer and healthier environment to live in.


A home is supposed to feel like a safe environment and a place where you can live without worry. If you are looking to sell your home, you know you need to make it look spotless. Yet, if you are intending on staying you shouldn't ignore this area either.

Cleaning doesn't just help to stage a home, it can improve the quality of life for the occupants. The air quality will improve, allergens will be removed, and the home won't attract pests.

Getting professional cleaners in could lead to you removing problems, and getting a great inspection report during a house sale.

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