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Whether you are relocating or looking for your dream home in the same city, Nottingham is a superb choice. The UK's sixth largest city is renowned for its music scene, boasts a variety of charming shops and restaurants and excellent schools, hospitals, health care centres and services abound. Efficient public transportation means you can travel around the UK conveniently, and great walkability means you can travel around the area's lovely neighbourhoods with equal ease. The cost of living is also reasonable, especially compared to London.

So... all of this adds up to a wonderful place to call home. Now the next step is searching for Nottingham houses for sale.
Nottingham City Centre Robin Hood Statue
Statue of Robin Hood in Nottingham City Centre

Finding Nottingham Houses For Sale

First, how does the Nottingham housing market look? Throughout the UK, just like in Bristol we saw a trend towards rising prices, low levels of housing stock and lightning fast sales. Still, Nottingham is one of the more affordably priced markets. The average price for a home is £221,000, with a median price of £185,000. This represents a 4% decline over the past year. Most of the properties sold over the past twelve months were in the £150,000 - £200,000 range, with those in the £100,000 - £150,000 range coming in second.

Now, compared to the UK as a whole, Nottingham prices are more reasonable. As mentioned the average is £221,000 compared to £326,000 in England and Wales.

How do you find the right home for you?

Online Listing

The vast majority of hopeful buyers start their house hunting process online. There are a host of sites that you can scour for listings. These include:,,,, and more. The best sites have helpful features to help you search with more accuracy; you can browse by map, by postcode, by tube and rail stations, by schools, etc., depending on what features are most important to you. Additionally, you can look at recent sales prices so you can see where the market is and get a sense of what you can expect to pay.

Estate Agent

Even if they do start their search online, many buyers turn to an estate agent for help. A local professional will have great insight into the area and into specific neighbourhoods. They will also have an extensive network of contacts that can be particularly helpful, from lenders to contractors to solicitors.


If you see the home prices in Nottingham and find they are a little out of reach, you may want to look into property auctions. Typically, homes sold at auction are in less than ideal condition - but they can be a bargain hunter's dream come true. If you have some DIY and handyman skills under your belt, an auction might be a viable solution for you.

Search auction sites just as you would property sites. When you see something that catches your eye, click on the link to learn more specifics and book a viewing. You typically have to register for a free account in order to view the legal pack and to bid. With online auctions, bids are accepted up until the specified auction date.

Bank Owned Properties

Repossession is always a last resort, and it is always a difficult situation. As a buyer, however, this could be your opportunity to find Nottingham houses for sale that are more affordable. Lenders do not want to hold on to property that is costing them money by the day; thus, they are willing to sell them at steeply reduced prices. As with auction properties, be aware that some of these homes may not be in good condition. Cash buyers are ideally suited to these types of properties - however it may be possible to finance them with a regular mortgage. Be sure to enquire with your lender.

You have a few options when it comes to finding Nottingham houses for sale. Even driving around your desired neighbourhood can result in a few For Sale signs that spark inspiration! It is important that you have your finances in order and a mortgage agreement in principle (AIP) before you start your house search in earnest. This lets sellers know that you are serious and capable of completing the purchase.

If Nottingham is the place you want to call home, start looking for the perfect property for your needs, goals and budget.

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