Tips on How to Take Superb Photos for Your Home Listing

Photo of Table and Chairs for a property listing
Taking excellent and eye-catching images of your home is integral to selling it. When you put your property up for listing, buyers will see the pictures, creating the first impression. They might not even read more about the details if they don't like what they see. However, if the images are top-quality and effectively highlight the house's great features, it would catch their attention and spark their interest. Then, there's a big chance they would reach out to you and request an in-person visit.

There is more to taking amazing photos than using a high-quality camera. Of course, a good camera is essential to get superb results, but here are other factors that will help you achieve that.

Clean the house thoroughly

Before taking any photos or letting potential buyers view your house you need to declutter otherwise the mess could turn them off. It would be difficult for the viewer to see the house's potential if they are distracted by the clutter. Moreover, it would give the impression that you don't care for your home, so that they might be concerned about other possible hidden problems.

Remove Personal Items

It may also be hard for buyers to see themselves living in the house with your personal items displayed, like photos, trophies, medals, and certificates etc. It will be easier to picture themselves owning the property if there is nothing that reminds them it's someone else's house.

Stage The Property

While cleaning the house is good, it's also not advisable to leave it bare when taking photos. Furnishing and decorating the place will help catch buyers' interest, and it will also help them have a better image of what they could do with the house. You can make it look warm and elegant with the right pieces. Check what you already own, so you don't have to spend extra for it. If you need to buy something to improve its look, then get statement pieces that would serve as the focal point of the rooms, like luxury lampshades. There are handmade, screen-printed lampshades made from silk fabrics that are not the same as the regular ones you see in the market. You can go simple on the other items, as these lampshades are enough to give the place an elegant vibe. As with any item you purchase for staging, once you sell the property, you can use them again in your new home.

Consider The Lighting

The lighting can make or break even the best photos. Even if the place looks great and the angle is perfect, the output would not be impressive if the lighting is terrible. So, pick the right time of the day and also the right weather for the best lighting, especially when taking photos of the house's exterior. Consider your lighting fixtures, too, for taking pictures indoors. Weel lit rooms produce much clearer images.

Do Not Include Yourself In the Mirror

A rookie mistake is taking pictures in areas with mirrors and then ending up having your reflection included in the picture. It can be distracting, so get the right angle to ensure that you don't include yourself in the images.

If you are still unhappy with the result, a professional photographer specialising in taking photos for home listings will ensure that you get outstanding images that effectively attract buyers.

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