Why Coronavirus Has Led to A Requirement For More Storage

The last year has undoubtedly been one for the history books and is not one that any of us will be forgetting in a hurry. Coronavirus has impacted our lives in so many ways; workplaces closed, educational institutes forced online, and loved ones separated from one another. It has really been a tough old year.

While that is the case, there have been elements of our lives that have continued ticking on. Construction sites have been ploughing on, as well as the selfless people who are keeping our NHS on its feet. Whether you have been working during this time or have been on furlough, it has been challenging to manage at points.

None more so than if you are moving to a new house during this tumultuous time. The usual processes have been shaken up entirely and replaced with new ways of doing things. There has been speculation that Coronavirus has led to an increased requirement for more storage, which we will be considering a bit more below.
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People Moving to a New House

It goes without saying, but one of the most common reasons for needing more storage is because you are moving to a new house. Both in a pandemic and beyond, there is a need for storage units, while in these situations, it is not ideal to be ferrying your belongings around all the time. Mainly out of fear of them becoming damaged or lost in transit.

While it can seem somewhat confusing that people have been moving to new houses throughout the pandemic, it has continued throughout. But, naturally, in a Covid-safe manner. Using self-storage units for your belongings and transporting them to your new home yourself, rather than using the services of a removal service, is undoubtedly one way to move safely.

Not to mention, this is also subsequently another reason as to why there has been an increased requirement for storage. With plenty of options for personal storage available from the likes of Safestore, you can certainly see why many have chosen to go down this route.
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Moving Back to the Family Home

With a record number of people made redundant and put on furlough due to the pandemic, there is little surprise that there has been an increase in the number of people who have pulled out of existing tenancy agreements to move back home with their families.

While this is a horrifying prospect to some reading this, mainly if you are someone who is relatively independent and enjoys their own space, it is one way that people have been trying to save some money during the pandemic. Not to mention, moving back to be with your family rather than living alone and experiencing isolation seems a bit more appealing.

Incredibly, if you are moving back in with your parents after some time away from your childhood home, you could well be in the position where you have accrued a lot of stuff, which does not fit your bedroom! Once more, using the self-storage units available for personal use is an ideal way of ensuring your belongings' continued safety while living at home with your family during the pandemic.
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With the ability to access your unit whenever you need to, it is understandable that this has been an option that many have been using throughout the last year or so.

The pandemic has undoubtedly reshaped how we do a lot of things in life and has highlighted how these types of services can assist throughout challenging times in our lives and beyond. With the light at the end of the tunnel becoming ever more apparent by the day, we can be sure that you shall be in your own place and out of the family home in no time!

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