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 Declutter your Life

Declutter your home coaching services

Declutter and be clutter free

A declutter mentor will coach you by telephone

Declutter, organising and Feng Shui Guide

Enjoy the space you have in your current home

Declutter and find calm where there was chaos




Declutter Your Home!


Declutter Your Home - Declutter your Life - with the declutter coaching service available from 

HouseWow's expert clutter clearance Consultants.


We can advise you in an online report and support you by telephone. Easy to follow action plan for a clutter free home in no-time. Save on call out charges and find out how to declutter effectively and quickly with HouseWow declutter motivation and support coaching services.  We understand clutter issues and clutter habits! Confidential service.

The Declutter coaching service enables you to regain 

space and remove chaos by decluttering your home.


    Effective declutter solutions - benefit from our years of decluttering for clients, we are now offering a new declutter coaching service wherever you are in the UK!


    Photographs - we can take a look at your photos and chat to you by phone - no visit to your property is required.


    Telephone Consultation  - we will call you to discuss individual details and find out about your clutter.  


   Action plan - a unique declutter Action plan report will be compiled detailing advice and suggestions with a checklist for you to make changes in a timescale you feel comfortable with. 


  Telephone support  - until you are happy with the declutter results and to support you to keep things decluttered.



Declutter action plan

An individual Declutter and Organise Action plan for you to work through at your own pace.


Support from your personal declutter coach

Your declutter will help you to declutter in the best way for you - this might be a fast or slow process depending on your circumstances and needs. Your personal declutter coach will chat to you, understand your needs and provide you with a personal declutter action plan and advice.


Professional declutter advice

HouseWow Consultants are trained to give professional, independent and clear advice on decluttering and organising.  



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All photograph images shown on this page are actual HouseWow® projects.

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