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Feng Shui

About Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China, its aim is to reveal how to balance the energies in your home (space) to assure health and good fortune for those who live there. Its all about creating change in your life using positive energy.


Feng Shui symbol


 9 principles of Feng Shui


1. Know what you want - When you feng shui your home focus on one main issue at a time (1 room) the energy shifts that you trigger will be targeted to that aspect of your life, 


2. Locate your power spots - These are areas of your home that are most directly related to your key issues - for example relationship issues, you would concentrate on your bedroom. 


3. Create a path for Chi - This means creating a flowing channel through out the home, from your front door to your back, Chi needs to flow through the house to generate the positive energy from arrival of the home. 


4. Repaint, Repair, Renew - Feng shui recognizes that small problems can have a major effect on your life, a well kept home will always have better chi than one where maintenance tasks have been allowed to pile up. For example, Dirty windows cloud your judgment and make it harder to see things clearly. 


5. Cleaning up your clutter - In many homes the single biggest feng shui problem is the clutter. It blocks the smooth flow of Chi through your space, weighs you down energetically and keeps you stuck in the past. Clutter can also makes it very hard to clean. A through cleaning and decluttering of your power spots is a very easy way to get new energy flowing.


6. Neutralise negative influences - Dirt and clutter are obvious examples of sha (negative) chi, but often things can hide and go un noticed, for example the bed, desk, or kitchen cooker in an "unlucky" position. 


7. Activate your power spots - Activating your power spots with traditional feng shui enhancements and personal symbols is the part of feng shui where you really get to use your creativity and have fun!


8. Work on yourself as well as your home - Feng shui is sometimes called "acupuncture for the home" because it opens, adjusts and balances the flow of chi through a space. If you don't take care of yourself - emotionally as well as physically - it will be harder to experience and appreciate the benefits of feng shui.


9. Evaluate your results - No one can predict exactly what results you will see from feng shui. When feng shui seems to trigger the end of a relationship, job, or situation, it's often because someone or something even better is on the verge of appearing in your life. 


For more information on Feng Shui contact the Feng Shui society.


For more advice on clearing clutter and support to renew energy in your life by delcuttering contact House Wow declutter and organising Consultants by completing the online form and a Consultant will get back in touch.


We hope that this article has been helpful to you,

The House Wow Team.




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