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When 'virtual' or distance Home Staging and Styling services are necessary, particularly during Coronavirus COVID19 social distancing measures and for overseas clients, our House Wow Team are able to provide expert help for your Interior Styling needs. You can be confident that we will support you using the best of technology to create a professional design scheme that suits your needs.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging can mean a number of things, either edited photographs to create an image of furnished rooms or distance services to provide advice and design schemes. It is however real services to provide exactly the right kind of Interior Styling for your requirements, whether you are styling to stay or preparing to sell your home or investment property.

Virtual and Distance Staging and Styling

Anita Richardson profile pic "The House Wow Team are based throughout the UK and are used to working with clients overseas or at distances away from the property that they wish to sell. We are very familiar with technology to achieve both vision and information in digitial format. Just get in touch and we'll be happy to chat about your requirements."
Anita Richardson, House Wow Director

Will it take longer to produce a Styling or Design scheme to suit my needs?

The time scale will depend on the scale of your project. We can arrange an early discussion to find out about the scope of works and make suggestions about the steps we take to go from concept stage to complete design scheme proposals and implementation. Remote working and virtual appointments using video technology rather than site visits can save time in a project and lead to faster completion of successful projects. We are very successful at completing projects on time and to budget and promise you that we will work hard to add you to our list of very happy customers.

Dressing Property to Sell

We provide full services to dress and style empty property. Purchased or rental options are available. The design scheme is created appropriately for the property style, value and target market. A design scheme will be created to suit the space and characterisitcs of each room with a cohesive colour pallette and theme running through. Design scheme collages and details will be provided so that you can visualise our proposal and full quotation in writing will detail all terms and timescales to deliver the project.

*During status of COVID19 lockdown*

Our suppliers are still working and we can arrange order and delivery and in certain circumstances full installtion as usual. We have teams in certain areas that work as family units and can work together. Get in touch to find out what we can plan for you in advance of lockdown lifting and installation where possible. As always the safety of our teams and customers is our top priority and we will implement all appropriate safety measures.

Virtual Property Site Visits

Virtual property site visits can be conducted without visiting in person if you or a local colleague can provide a live walkthrough using a smart phone or tablet with internet connection so that we may ask questions and discuss things in real time as you show us around.

Design Scheme Boards

Design Theme boards and Design Scheme boards can be produced digitally to provide full details of our design scheme suggestions. Ask for an outline of prices which vary according to project size and type.

Products, Furniture, Accessories and Soft furnishings

House Wow Designers have a wide range of trade supplier accounts and can utilise trade priced stock to deliver competitive pricing and quality goods.

*During status of COVID19 lockdown*

Certain customer contact may be limited from time to time. However some of our suppliers are still working and we can arrange order and delivery and in certain circumstances complete full installtion as usual.

Chat to us about deliver timescales and arrangements for delivery and installation, which can vary according to location and staffing arrangments.

Virtual or Distance Home Staging and Styling Services check list

HouseWow® Styling Associates provide a wide range of services for clients across the UK and overseas:

• House Wow Interior Designers cover all areas of the UK
• Virtual Home Staging Consultations by video link
• Virtual Site visits by video link
• Distance support for all Interior Styling Projects
• Digitial Room Scheme Designs produced
• Virtual Staging Photography - edits to show furnished layouts in empty rooms
• Digital Home Staging Reports for occupied property with full recomendations and advice
• Remote Project management and timetables of schedules of work produced
• Electronic Invoices and online bacs payments
• Trades contractors for decorations, repairs and refurbishments managed
• Property marketing recommendations for local proactive Estate Agents

When is the best time to start planning for an Interior project?

There is no time like the present to start to plan Interior projects. We can phase in services over a period of time and assist to plan the detail and budget. Early preparation reaps positive results with an effective and efficent implementation.

How does a professional Interior Stylist save my costs?

A professional Property Stylist has the expertise to create a professional Design scheme which suits the individual property and meets budget requirements. This along with access to on-trend products not found in retail stores, trade accounts and trusted contractors all ensure that projects meet the highest standards and deliver exceptional results. Overall savings on costs and time plus improvement in property value by an average of 8% is to everyones satisfaction.

How can we help you?

To find out more about how we can help with your interior or property presentation project just complete the online enquiry form or call our help line.