Our partnership with homelessness charity Emmaus

House Wow® are working with homelessness charity Emmaus to raise funds, donate furniture and style new homes

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'Working together to end Homelessness'

House Wow® are proud to be working with Emmaus UK, to make a difference to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The House Wow® team have pledged to raise vital funds and to donte furniture to create brighter futures. We are also aim to set up projects to offer practical help and style move on accommodation for those people who feel ready to live independantly again.
Emmaus Leeds Visit
A vist to Emmaus Leeds

Anita Richardson, House Wow® Director, visited Emmaus Leeds recently to find out more about how the charity helps homeless people by providing meaningful work and a safe home.

Anita said: "I visited Emmaus Leeds and met with Gina Morrison, operations Manager, at the Leeds base. I was hugely impressed by Gina and all the staff's commitment to offering a safe home and opportunities to the people they support.

I was given a tour of the shop, the kitchen, and the communal rooms by a young woman, who was herself a companion (previously homeless) and who felt that she had gained huge personal confidence and strength from being given a place at Emmaus Leeds.

In Home Staging we provide styling and show home services to our clients who all have one thing in common - they have a home. They may want to improve to sell faster and to maximise their selling price, but they all have the benefit of a place to call home. So it is humbling and enlightening to step into someone elses life, albeit for a short time and see a different perspective."
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"It makes perfect sense for the whole Home Staging industry to partner with Emmaus" says Anita "Emmaus can up-cyle, repair and repurpose the furniture and accessories that we no longer need; those items on our inventories that are getting tired or slightly damaged. Emmaus communities can collect them or furniture donations can be dropped them off at the local Emmaus community. At the same time we are helping homeless people and also having a positive effect on the environment".
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UK Homeless statistics:

- Currently 320,000* people are currently homeless in Great Britain.
- Over 120,000* children are homeless.
- Nearly 5000* people sleep rough on England's streets every night.
- 726 people died homeless last year in the UK.

(*from 2018 statisitics includes hidden homelsessness; people who are sofa surfing, in temporary accommodation and hostels)
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More facts about Emmaus UK

- Since the first community opened in the UK in 1991, Emmaus has changed more than 14,500 lives. There are now 29 communities spread across the UK, with a further five groups currently working to establish new communities.

- Emmaus is different to other homelessness organisations; they don't just offer a bed for the night, but a home for as long as someone needs it, as well as support, training and meaningful work in an Emmaus social enterprise and support to save for the future.

- There are now more than 815 Emmaus companions (term for the formerly homeless people who are supported at Emmaus) living at communities stretching from Glasgow to Dover. Each one has at least one shop or social enterprise, with many running successful cafes, shops, gardening projects and removal companies.

- No two Emmaus communities are the same - each has its own individual personality, providing a set of services which meet the needs of its local area. For many, Emmaus offers a welcoming place to visit, to speak with companions, volunteers and staff.

Emmaus shop
- Emmaus have over 80 Charity shops.

- For every £1 spent with Emmaus in donations or purchasing items in their shops, £11 is generated in the social, environmental and economic return, with savings to the benefits bill, healthcare, a reduction in crime reoffending as well as a reduction of the amount of waste going to landfill.

- Emmaus UK saved more than 12,000 tonnes of goods from going to landfill in 2018.

"In a country that sends 22 million pieces of furniture straight to landfill each year;Emmaus provide vital work with great benefits to the environment." Says Anita, "It's a win-win-win for anyone needing to move on furniture and avoid landfill, it's a win for homeless people supported by Emmaus, a win for the social benefits and a win for the environment. What could be better!?"
Emmaus Collection tin at the Waldorf
How to support Emmaus UK homeless Charity

By supporting Emmaus, everyone, as well as the Home Staging industry and indeed all those connected to furniture retail, furniture wholesale and furniture manufacturing in the UK can make a difference to the significant homeless situation, as well as the social benefits and the environment in the UK.

- Donate unwanted furniture
- Donate money
- Buy second hand and up-cycled furniture
- Provide information about Emmaus to clients who need to move on furniture, household goods and white goods

Action Links*:

Donate money to Emmaus

Donate furniture or goods to Emmaus

More info about Emmaus

Find your local Emmaus community

Emmaus Leeds Second Hand Superstore

* Note: These links will open in a new browser window at the Emmaus UK website

Representing Emmaus, Anita provided collection tins and information at the UK Home Staging Forum at the Waldorf Hotel, London so that the Home Staging industry attendees could connect with Emmaus. Anita said that she was "delighted to be able to add an information slide in my presentation at the 2019 Home Staging Association conference in London and talk about the amazing work that Emmaus UK are involved in. We're so very proud to be able to work with such a worthy charity.  Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if I can provide any further information".

Emmaus Registered Charity Number: 1064470

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