What should I do to get my property ready for sale?

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When selling your property, it's useful to make a few changes to get ready for the property market. But how much should you do and is it worth the effort?  Anita Richardson, House Wow® Director, explains why Home Staging is becoming so popular with property sellers in the UK.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art of styling a property to make it more appealing to the highest number of potential buyers in order to sell faster and maximise the selling price.

What difference does Home Staging make to property sales?

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"UK statistics on Home Staging show that it increases the numbers of viewings, sells property faster and increases selling price by an average of 8%. Therefore, it's very worthwhile spending some time and investing a small amount of money on presenting your property well."

What can I do myself to get my home ready for the market?

Firstly take a look around your home, from room to room, look at the frontage and look at the gardens. Each area is important to potential buyers and should look at its best. There's lots that you and your family can do to improve presentation including the following.

Tidy and reduce excess belongings

Excess items distract viewers and can make the rooms look smaller. It's never too early to consider declutter tips. , to move on unwanted items, reduce coat and shoes in hallways, move things into cupboards and simplify spaces so that they look less 'busy' and will allow viewers to see the best features of the room. Too many personal photos can be detrimental because viewers need to visualise living here.

Clean and Sparkle

Clean and sparking surfaces, especially in kitchens and bathrooms make all the difference to buyers and will add money to the final selling price. A jet washed patio or driveway is low cost yet can make paving look brand new.

Repairs and decorations - Is it worth the cost?

We are asked regularly "Won't the buyer see that they could do this themselves?" Well yes, they will, but they'll assume that this will put other buyers off (they could be right.) and that they'll be able to put a lower offer in as this work comes at a price. These days everyone leads busy lives and especially if it's a family size home, the new buyers may move in with children and busy jobs. Also, they may wonder about other issues that might be lurking, unseen that need attention. If the decorations are not fresh and need a freshen up you may benefit from professional Home Staging advice to make the best choices for the target market.

Style to stand out

Stylish property will stand out from the crowd and is more visually appealing to buyers. As most buyers search for property online and have a lot to choose from within a radius of where they'd like to live, it's important that your property photographs impress them.

Fast changes to create the best impression

• A smart frontage with clean door and mat.
• The entrance way should be well lit and tidy.
• Plump the cushions and turn on the lamps.
• Sparkling kitchens with just a few selective items on worktops
• Clean bathrooms with personal products stored out of view and fluffy towels placed in view.
• Bedrooms - a dressed bed with scatter cushions and bedside lamps.
• A new duvet and pillows for the bed could be one of the best property investments you make.
• Depersonalised rooms
• Fresh smells (don't overdo the air-fresheners!
• Weeded gardens with neat hedges and planters
• Jetwashed paving and driveways

Does the smell of coffee or baking bread really help sell houses?

When buying property we consider practical things like layout, size, value and location but it can't be underestimated how important we 'feel about the property'. How the property looks as well as smells and music evoke our senses of sight, sound and smell which affect our mood and feelings. So bad smells of food or pets and loud music can have a negative effect, whilst pleasant smells and gentle background music can have a very positive effect.

Are professional Home Staging services worth the cost?

A professional Home Stager will research the target market, consider the property type and is experienced to assess the changes which will help a property to present well for marketing. House Wow Home Stagers have the styling skills and can advise on layout, colour, accessories and furnishings which will appeal to a wide range of buyers. We can also advise on small repairs and upgrades and make recommendations to suit the clients budget and personal circumstances. Services range from Consultation, Pre-photography styling day, to full show homes for empty property.

Can we help you further?

To find out more about how we could help you present your property for sale complete the online enquiry form and we'll call you back as soon as possible.
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