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What to Consider Before Renovating your House


Whether you're thinking about renovating your house to increase its value and sell on, or to simply create a better living environment, there are many important things to consider before starting the work. It can be an expensive and time consuming endeavour to renovate your home, so you must be completely sure that you wish to go ahead with it and know what you're doing. Here are important considerations before renovating your home.

Your Finances

It is vital that you budget for all your renovations and leave a little bit extra in case of delays, increasing costs and emergencies. Think about your current financial situation and how much it is likely to change in the next year, as renovations (and paying for them) will probably go on for that long. You may have to cut back or not do some renovations depending on finances.

Return on Investment

If you're renovating your home to increase its value, consider which areas are most likely to provide the largest return on investment. Getting a conservatory can add around 11% of value to your home, while renovating the kitchen will add nearly 5%. Even if you're not selling, loft conversions can provide essential space that offers a great return as you won't need to move to find a home with an extra bedroom.

Where to Start

When time or finances are limited, you are best to start renovating with the most important areas. Bathrooms and kitchens can often be done quickly, and getting your roof fixed through Burton Roofing can be a relatively quick task. Consider which areas need the work doing soonest and start with them.

DIY or Not?

In order to save as much money as possible, some people will attempt to take care of renovation work themselves. Those who possess the necessary skills and time can make this a success, but if you're unsure or limited for time, it may not be the best idea. You can cause more financial and property damage if things go wrong.

Exterior as Well as Interior

It's not just the inside of your home that needs renovating, the garden and property's exterior should be considered too. Old houses may need a facelift with a lick of paint or home rendering, while the garden can be renovated with the addition of some decking or a patio. Whatever you decide, be sure to consider all these points before you start renovating your home.










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