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 Declutter your home with the help of House Wow® experts
Declutter and organise




Declutter your home fast

Whether you have just moved, are about to move or have just collected too many personal possessions over time House Wow professional decluttering services will be just what you need to get things tidy and well organised again. We have top decluttering tips for every room in the house including living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, guest room, office, study, kitchen and bedrooms. 


Declutter your life

  • Declutter your home and change the junk room into a guest room or study

  • Declutter Storage solutions are suggested to enable you to store within the home or elsewhere

  • Dining rooms decluttered and dressed to turn into stylish usable space again

  • Kitchen clutter is cleared and space created for the items you use most often

  • Home offices decluttered and systems set up to stay organised are put into place

  • Advice given on: environmentally friendly decluttering, recycling and storage solutions 

About clutter 

Clutter and how to avoid getting cluttered again is the focus of  'clutter coaching' from HouseWow  

Declutter support, advice, office organising, moving home and creating more space in your house.



"I was delighted with the de-cluttering service. It gave me the confidence that I needed to get started and the advice will help me to avoid getting cluttered again."   Claire Anderson,  Yorkshire





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