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Home Staging - Find a House Property Doctor


Home staging can be referred to as home staging, house staging, house property doctor, property presentation, Property Stylist or home staging a house to sell.  Find tips to sell your house with home staging and efficient marketing by reading the advice here and checking out the home staging tips page. HouseWow® offer Home Staging, house staging and Property Doctor services throughout the UK.  HouseWow® offer "house doctor" type services, but we are not the original House doctor® The original House doctor was Ann Maurice on Channel 5's House Doctor programme.  Ann helped property sellers improve property to sell using home staging techniques. "Home Staging" as a phrase was originally coined by Barb Schwarz in the US who runs the US Staged Homes Company and ASP Home Staging Training programme.  In the UK The Home Staging Network provides CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional Course. HouseWow® offer UK home staging services for property sellers and Home Staging reports for residential customers, House builders part-exchange buyers and Estate Agents.  Get in touch now to find a local HouseWow Property Stylist or House Property Doctor!





What is Home Staging?


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home staging - what is home staging?

Home staging is presenting a home appropriately for buyer whilst taking into account the property's ceiling market value

in order to sell quickly and achieve the highest selling price possible.


Home Staging is used by property sellers, property investors, landlords, ex-rental property and developers to present a property for marketing to achieve maximum selling price.


The home is redefined in a creative way to de-clutter, present best layout, accessorise; using colour harmony and staging techniques to dress rooms and create space in order to appeal to the viewer.

home staging tips

Whether family home, cosy cottage, contemporary city  apartment,  period property, rental investment or hotel - staging will add the wow factor need to sell your house faster. 


Home Staging works by presenting the buyer with a vision of lifestyle that they want to achieve to sell a house fast..


House Wow offer Property styling and staging and property doctor services for home owners, property investors, developers, hoteliers and landlords. 


home staging to sell property faster

House Wow Home Staging and Styling experts work with Estate Agents to create buyer  appeal and turn  around  current  listings quickly.



Home Staging adds the competitive edge for our partner Estate Agents that property needs in the current market. 


House Wow can offer Estate agents a range of services both for their customers and to assist with property photography and viewings if required.






Home staging a house to sell


Why use Home Staging Services ?

Tips on Home Staging

House Wow Home Staging Stylists are experts in property home staging offering professional services across the UK. 


Sometimes called Property presentation, property styling, home staging consultant or home doctor;  home staging gives the best first impression from kerb appeal though the whole house and in to the garden in order to sell the property at the highest price quickly.


class="Bodylinks">House Wow Home Staging Stylists can offer home staging services to ensure that your home is looking its best for the viewers. 






Property which is home staged is seen to sell twice as fast and for 10% more than it would have done if it was not home staged to sell.


Home Staging improves buyer appeal to ensure that any property reaches its potential selling price. Property buyers need to feel that they could live in the property and home staging will allow them to see the property at its best. 


A house wow home staging consultant achieves the effects that create the wow factor required. 


Vendors who wish to sell fast in a difficult market should consider using home staging services.


Top tips for home staging a property include defining a use for each room, decluttering, improving space with effective layout, adding stylish accessories and luxury bedding and using effective lighting and plenty of mirrors.


Decorating may or may not be required - it is important to get the balance right and priorities spending when selling. If in doubt ask the advice of a professional home staging consultant. 


Home staging offers psychological feel good factor to the viewer from first impressions starting with kerb appeal through the entrance way and into all rooms. 


See more home staging tips 





Free HouseWow® Home Staging Guide


The HouseWow® free Home Staging Guide exclusively for HouseWow® clients. For more information see Free Home Staging Guide



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