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  Home improvements to sell

Adding value to your home

Added value in master bedrooms

Sell property faster picture of styling to sell


Bathrooms are crucial when adding value to sell your home


Lounge decoration added value


Colours and style add value when selling property

Declutter and store to add space and value to your home



Home Improvement and added value tele consultations


HouseWow® provide Home staging advice for home improvements and 

added value when selling your home.


A telephone consultation (or skypeTM video conference call) with the UK's leading expert home staging company will get your property sale moving - fast!


Sell property faster for a higher return

Home improvements and added value - otherwise known as property presentation or home staging - makes all the difference to a faster and more profitable property sale. Using your estate agents photos a HouseWow®  Consultant will provide you with telephone advice to maximise your property selling price and to sell faster. 


Avoid costly mistakes 

Whatever the size, value or condition of your home there are improvements that can be made when its time to sell on to someone else. A HouseWow® Consultant will give you professional home staging advice to ensure that you do not make costly mistakes when presenting property to sell.  


Spend only what's necessary 

HouseWow®  proven home improvement and staging techniques add value to property and will help property sellers to save time and money by making changes appropriate to the potential buyers and the market you are selling in.   


The UK's leading home staging experts

HouseWow® are the UK's leading home staging experts. We've got many years of experience helping our customers to sell faster for the best selling price. Some of our customers had property unsold in many months and in some cases unsold for years - until after receiving our advice and then the property sold within weeks.


What adds value when selling?

What colours should you use for decorations? Best styles to sell? Preferred layout for marketing photos? laminate or tiles? Carpet or cushion flooring? Blinds or curtains? How to declutter and where to store? Best presentation for viewings?  Do you need colour, pattern or cushions?  Do you need a new bathroom suite? What low cost changes can you make to your kitchen cabinets? What will add value to your home and what will put the buyers off?

Ask the professionals - we can help you to get the best selling price for your property.           


Request a telephone Consultation



 Click the button below, complete the form, choose 'Photo Consultation' from 'enquiry type'. Quote any promotional code from your estate agent and submit.


Click this button to complete your property details online and request a property staging  photo consultation


       A HouseWow® Consultant will get back to you as soon as possible.   

Consultations from £95.00 costed for individual property requirements. 

Act now to maximise property selling price and sell faster...submit your 

property details to request a photo and telephone Consultation.


Request a telephone consultation on home improvements to sell



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Home improvements and added value    home improvements and added value 2

Free HouseWow® Home Staging Guide


The HouseWow® free Home Staging Guide exclusively for HouseWow® clients. For more information see Free Home Staging Guide



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