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HouseWow! Associate scheme



Post codes


The post code map on the left shows post code areas by the first two character prefix.  HouseWow Associates  receive business referrals based on service type and location using this prefix. 


When an Associate receives a job enquiry and looks at the detail, full post code location and information provided by the client such as type of property, timescale and budget available the Associate can decide whether to accept the job referral or decline it.


Click "accept" and the client will receive an email and link to the Associate's HouseWow web-page.  Or click "decline" and choose a reason from a drop down list. Options will be - too busy, too far, on holiday etc.


After Accepting the referral the Associate receives the client's contact details to be able to contact them by telephone or email as soon as possible.  




The following service types will be available for online customers to choose from:


1) Home Staging visit and report

2) Home Staging services to sell property

3) De-cluttering

4) Show home - for Developer/Builder - furnishing purchase

5) Show home - for Developer/Builder - furnishing rental

6) Styling - makeover - redesign

7) Empty property furnishing to sell - private client

8) Empty property furnishing to LET

9) Empty property furnishing and home staging to sell/recently renovated - private client

10) Empty property furnishing and home staging to sell/not recently renovated - private client

11) Interior Design

12) Interior Design - lighting specialist

13) Fabrics, Curtains and blinds

14) Painting and decorating

15) Gardening

16) Building works

17) Bathrooms and tiling

18) Kitchens

19) Storage facilities

20) Domestic Cleaning

21) Plumbing

22) Electrician

23) Joiner

24) Estate Agent Services


24) Other - please state any other home improvement or property sales services.

Channel Islands Post codes





GY1 Saint Peter Port, Herm

GY2 Saint Sampson

GY3 Vale

GY4 Saint Martin

GY5 Castel

GY6 Vale, Saint Andrew

GY7 Saint Pierre du Bois, Saint Saviour

GY8 Forest, Torteval

GY9 Alderney

GY10 Sark





JE1 (various large users)

JE2 Saint Helier, St Clement, Saint Saviour

JE3 Saint Lawrence, Saint Ouen, Saint Mary, Saint John, Trinity, Saint Martin, Saint Peter, Saint Bre'lade, Grouville

JE4 (various PO boxes)

JE5 (various bespoke delivery)

    HouseWow Associate Scheme - Details and application process



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