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  Home improvements to sell

Adding value to your home

Added value in master bedrooms

Sell property faster picture of styling to sell


Bathrooms are crucial when adding value to sell your home


Lounge decoration added value


Colours and style add value when selling property


Declutter and store to add space and value to your home


home improvements and added value 2


Home improvements and added value



  HouseWow!®  Home Staging Report


   Sell your house faster for the best price with the 

the UK's leading property styling professionals


This report follows an Initial Home Staging Consultation.


Anita Richardson, HouseWow Director and Author of CHSSP Home Staging Course

"This report is ideal for you if you want to sell your home faster and sell at the best price. Receive expert and cost effective advice from a HouseWow® Home Staging Consultant"


Anita Richardson

Director HouseWow

Home Staging Network Founder

CHSSP Home Staging Course Author


      Home Staging advice when selling property

A HouseWow®  Home Staging Report gives advice on all aspects of presenting a property for sale including our recommendations for cleaning, de-cluttering, styling, repairs, gardening, painting and decorating. Estimates and quotations from trades people can be provided. This unique property sellers Home Staging report will give you all the ideas you need to add value and present your home for sale with maximum buyer appeal.


Save £ Money 

HouseWow®  techniques will add perceived value to your home by implementing presentation techniques and aspirational lifestyle appeal appropriate to the potential buyers in the local market. Achieve the best selling price possible and avoid lost revenue in the sale of your home.   


Sell your house faster

HouseWow® leading home staging experts have many years of experience helping our customers to add wow factor to sell houses faster for the best selling price achievable in the current market. 


Home Staging Advice report - what's included?

A Home Staging Report written by a HouseWow® Home Staging expert is uniquely written for your property and may include a range of recommendations and advice including the following:

  • Improvements for kerb appeal

  • Adding value to your home room by room

  • A room by room assessment

  • Improved decor or colour co-ordination

  • Any additional furniture or accessories

  • Dressing your home with buyer appeal

  • Improving layout

  • De-cluttering

  • Conducting viewings for maximum impact

  • An Action Plan

  • Moving and Address change Checklists

  • Access to the online HouseWow  'House Selling Tips 25 page Guide'. 

  • A telephone call to discuss the report and so that you can ask any further questions.

Request a HouseWow® Home Staging Report quotation by completing the form.


HouseWow® Home Staging Report



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A HouseWow Home Staging Report worked for me: 


HouseWow! helps many homeowners who previously thought that they couldn't sell their home to realise their homes potential and sell fast at the best price. 

Here are a few. More testimonials can be seen at house seller testimonials    


" We knew that we needed to do something to make our home more marketable but didn't know quite what.  I would definitely recommend the HouseWow! Home Staging Report.  HouseWow! has helped us to make the most of what we have to make it as appealing as possible in a difficult market.  When life is busy it's really helpful to know exactly what to do without having to wrack your brains and possibly make the wrong decisions!"    Frances Mackay, Scotland


 " I sold my house after House Wow home staging"  Corrine Milson Mann


     " I sold my house after House Wow home staging"  Veronica Cassidy


     " I sold my house after House Wow home staging"  Gill France


     " I sold my house after House Wow home staging"   Pete Hicks


     " I sold my house after House Wow home staging"   David Hughes


      " I sold my house after House Wow home staging"   Shona Hamilton


      "  I sold my house after House Wow home staging"  Leanne Imbusche


      " I sold my house after House Wow home staging"   Roy Broadley


     " I sold my house after House Wow home staging"  Damon Johns







Example Home Staging Report below 

The report may include up to 18 pages with each room of the house and exterior detailed.



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