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Estate Agents Home Staging and Styling services

Estate Agent Home staging or Styling services


      HouseWow® Home Staging services for Estate Agents

If you are an Estate Agent interested in hearing more about HouseWow! home staging, de-cluttering, house dressing and other home improvement services your vendors please see more details here or contact us.


How to find a home staging estate agent

How do you find an Estate Agent offering Home Staging, Interior Decor and Styling Services to assist you to sell your home faster for the best price? 


More and more Estate Agents are beginning to bring in specialists to offer home staging services to their clients. Whether in-house home staging services or supporting customers to bring in the relevant and most appropriate service this trend is growing as the economy, fewer first time buyers, higher deposits and generally reduced mortgage availability slow the number of house sales down. 


There are now Estate Agents throughout the UK who offer Home Staging, Interior Decor, Property styling, Property doctor, declutter, cleaning, dressing, furniture rental, furniture purchase and accessorising services to assist motivated vendors who want to improve to sell.


Does home staging work?


Home staging and property styling to improve a property for sale and marketing really does improve the chances of a sale at the right price. In a tough market this principle is even more vital as buyers can negotiate prices down more effectively. Smart Estate Agents are realising that they can support their customers to sell more effectively if they help them to make changes necessary to achieve the best selling price possible in the current market.  


Look no further for a staging estate agent


HouseWow® are pleased to connect customers with enlightened estate agents who can offer both a pro-active property marketing service and home staging in-house services. To find a home staging friendly estate agent just contact us either by telephone or using our online form to find your local estate agent. (See panel above right).


Home staging pictures and home staging tips


We have lots of home staging pictures of before and after styling to sell took place and client home staging testimonials explaining how it all worked for them. There are also a few examples below of rooms changed for staging to sell. The examples will give you some useful home staging tips, however, its always best to seek individual advice for your own home staging requirements because issues such as the local market, your personal circumstances for selling and your property style and condition will affect the home staging advice given.


Pictures Before home staging

Pictures After home staging

home staging before picture kitchen

kitchen before home staging

kitchen picture after home staging for estate agents

kitchen after home staging

home staging before picture bedroom

bedroom before home staging

picture bedroom after home staging for estate agents

bedroom before home staging

Home Staging before picture bathroom

bathroom before home staging

bathroom picture after home staging

bathroom after home staging

Home Staging before picture lounge

lounge before home staging

lounge picture after home staging

lounge after home staging

Photography by House Wow



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House Wow® will provide up to 3 quotes from local experts for home staging, declutter, show home or interior design. 

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Property professional quote

'First Impressions count when selling a house. Price & presentation are critical to sell your home ''. 

Andrew Winter, 

Estate Agent and presenter of Channel 4's Selling Houses 




Property professional quote

'It may seem like common sense but good property presentation can really affect the bottom line figure achieved, and give you the edge on the competition, which is especially important in a tough market.  Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes'. 
Andrew Ryde, 

Chamberlains Estate Agents, Enfield




Property professional quote

" In this market vendors have to gain as many advantages as possible. In a market saturated by high stock levels it is essential to ensure that properties comply with the three P's - portal exposure, price & presentation.  The better the property looks the more interest there will be." 
Mark Readings,

 House Network  Estate Agents





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