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Home Staging Tips for Fine and Country



Take a fresh look at each room

Try to take a fresh look at your home as new buyers will see it by standing in each doorway and really, truly taking off the rose tinted glasses of familiarity and sentimentality.


Visit local show homes

Go to view a new development show home for a house of similar value to what you're selling. The up-to-date luxurious furnishings and finishes mesmerise buyers to dream about what they could have and how they could live. The doors, architrave, carpets, flooring, bathrooms and kitchens are all brand new. You may not be able to achieve the brand new finish but you can update and refresh key areas of your home to attract buyers and achieve a sale at the best price. 


Get to grips with clutter

Get to grips with clutter, clean every inch and go overboard with style. Changing coloured bathroom suites is a must and using a kitchen doctor to replace or repaint kitchen door fronts can be surprisingly low budget for a hugely effective makeover. 


Get the Master Bedroom in tip top shape!

Master bedrooms must be hotel quality finish with new pillows, duvets, bedding, colour co-ordinated scatter cushions and floor length curtains to compete for a buyer's hard earned cash. Buyers are extremely fussy and will pay a premium for properties which provide the home of their dreams. 


House Wow Consultants across the UK are chssp qualified experts in home presentation to ooze lifestyle appeal and wow buyers. See more ideas at 


By Anita Richardson 

House Wow CEO

25th September


When to present your home well for a sale? 

Always if you wish to sell fast and achieve the best asking price.

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