What should I expect to pay a Home Stager?

How much would you typically be expected to pay for a Home Staging Service in the UK

Home Staging costs vary according to geographical location, the individuals experience, professional qualifications and evidence based recommendations such as portfolio of work and client testimonials. Like anything you pay for quality. House Wow only recommend professional business services who have been checked out and can show evidence of quality of service and advice to our clients.

Potential rates that you may pay will range from £120.00 to £295.00 for a 2-3 hour Home Staging Consultation initial appointment and simple report with recommendations and a quotation.

This will vary according to the size of the property and the distance our specialist Home Staging Consultant will need to travel to get to you. We have home staging consultants who are specialist in general de-cluttering and styling, installation of show homes to new and renovated property, others are specialist in property renovations, decorating and re-styling using the majority of existing furniture and accessories and so on. You would pay more for a home stager who gets recommended trades quotations for decorating, repairs or gardening takes on full co-ordination of project managing the trades. We can offer a range of services tailored to your requirements to home stage your property to sell or to home stage your property for you to stay or to rent out.
House Wow® approved Associates and verified businesses provide styling services directly to home owners as well as to estate agents, developers, house builders, landlords, investors, HMO SA and holiday home owners.

What are the likely hourly rates or daily rates I will pay?

Hourly Rates for home staging services range from £20 - £75.00 per hour according to the individuals experience, professional qualifications and evidence based recommendations such as portfolio of work and client testimonials.

Trades rates vary according to area location, expertise, portfolio of client recommendations and trades professional qualifications. Trades Rates range from £100 - £250 per day.

Total costs are relative to the individual project, services supplied such as hands on styling, project management of trades and additional services such as decorating, gardening, repairs and home improvements and choice of total hours worked in any week which can flexible, be part-time or full-time.

What about a free initial Home Staging consultation?

HouseWow rates are not the cheapest, but we can guarantee to provide the best professional service for the fees that you pay in your location. If you take a free consultation from someone else then there is a chance that they will be very keen to persuade you to take on their paid services afterwards in order to recoup income for their 2-4 hours including travel time that your consultation has taken. With HouseWow Consultants, however, you pay for the Consultation and follow up report based on our time. You will be given full suggestions and advice without obligation to take further services.

Types of Home Staging Report

The Initial Home Staging Advice Report with quotation (from £120.00 - £195.00)

After the Initial Home Staging appointment, if you are sure that you want us to get involved and assist you with hands on Home Staging, we will provide a Home Staging Advice Report quote with a full Quotation for our time and estimates or pending quotation for any additional trades services required.

The Full Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Report with action plan and timetable. (from £150.00 - £395.00)

If you wish to complete all the home staging yourself then you will have the option to be provided with a Do It Yourself Action plan report with FULL suggested details and estimates or quotations. The Full Do-It-Yourself home staging report is charged at cost of our Home Stagers time and will be based on our survey of your home and its condition found at the initial Home Staging Consultation. If your property requires lots of home improvements and is a large property then the report will cost more. If the property is smaller and requires less to be done then the report will cost less. We will provide you with a full quotation for the cost of the Home Staging Do-It-Yourself report after the Initial home Staging Consultation.

The Virtual Home Staging Report based on your images emailed to us. (from £150.00 - £395.00)

If you wish to have a virtual report provided where we do not visit your property then this is possible if you can send enough images of the property by email. 3 - 4 images for each room, images of the exterior, interior and a full property address so that we can review similar local property for sale and the local property market.

HouseWow creates wow factor for our clients

Where ever you see the House Wow brand you will see wow factor and excellence in customer service as standard for our clients. You can see many client testimonials as happy and satisfied HouseWow clients volunteer to provide recommendations for HouseWow home staging and home improvement services.

Why choose HouseWow Services?

HouseWow is a registered trade mark and vibrant Nationally recognised service providing a wide range of Home Staging, Property Styling and Home improvement services to private individuals as well as Estate Agents, Developers, Landlords, Property investors. The HouseWow web site is industry leading and you can be sure that our services and training achieves a level of excellence in the industry. HouseWow and its founder Anita Richardson have been featured in many home improvement media items including the Independent newspaper, Sky TV's Women in Property, 'House Beautiful' Magazine, 'The Women's Institute' Annual, 'Move or Improve' Magazine and BBC's 'Open House' programme, amongst others.

HouseWow Home Staging, Show homes and Property Styling

HouseWow! offer services including Show homes, Property Styling to Sell, home improvement and Property Styling for Living. This involves working closely with home sellers on property presentation, colours, layout, style and appropriate accessories for their needs.

HouseWow Home Staging Services

Further information on home staging and home improvement services can be found at the following link: HouseWow Services

HouseWow recommended Home Staging Business course

Home Staging Professional Business Course

C.H.S.S.P. Certified Home Staging and Styling Course: www.chssp.com

House Wow® Services during the Caronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

House Wow® businesses are working safely and are currently available for all services in all areas of the UK. We're pleased to offer an initial Consultation over video link, virtually staged photos, site visits and furnishing installations in-line with the latest UK Govt. policy for working safely in people's homes during Covid-19. See our Covid-19 Safety policy here.
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