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 Best house buyers


Get the best house buyers in the UK and see your property sale through to completion. 




Choose the best house buyer


Selling your house quickly means choosing the best house buyer. The person who offers the highest price is not always the best choice. Find out as much about the buyer's circumstances as possible. If you have an Estate Agent this is their job, if you are selling your house privately then you will need to ask the questions directly.


Firstly how are they financing the purchase? Cash buyer is the best, but if they are raising a mortgage ask to see a Mortgage 'in principle' letter from their lender. Are they First Time buyers? Do they have a Related Transaction? If they have something to sell, then if should be under offer before taking your property off the market.


Also find out about any forward chains that could complicate agreeing completion dates further down the line. Additional purchasers or buyers returning to the market are usually good news - as long as their finances are in place, then there are less hurdles to encounter than the other two types of purchaser. A buyer who is represented by a professional Home Search Consultant is also very good news, as they will push the deal through on their side of the fence too.


Accepting Offers


Find background info on a buyer's position and ability to move quickly and ask that offers be made in writing. It will make you feel more confident and it will ensure that they are serious to proceed.


Market conditions, competition and how much they love the property will dictate what buyers will offer. Similarly what price you will be prepared to accept will depend on market conditions, how quickly you need to sell and what you're moving budget is. Also know whether you want to keep all your furniture, curtains and white goods as many of these items may not suit your next home, and can be used as effective bargaining tools to get the price you want. Once a price is agreed exchange solicitor details and let them start the legal part of the process.

Until exchange of contract


Holding the deal together! until exchange of contracts and completion so this is where the hard work starts! The longer it takes to reach exchange of contracts the higher the chances of the deal falling out of bed or gazundering i.e. the buyer dropping their price. So keep in weekly contact with your solicitor to ensure channels of communication stay open and you know where the conveyancing is at and how your buyer is feeling about the progress of the transaction i.e. are they are still highly motivated and not off looking at other things to keep their options open.




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