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Buyers List


What is a buyers List?


You need to write a 'buyers list' or property wish list, which sounds easy, but can be a complicated and often revealing exercise. Firm ideas based on reasoned analysis will save countless wasted hours further down the track. Organise your requirements and write a Search Brief listing your 'must haves' alongside your 'would prefers' and 'absolutely no ways'.


The more specific you can be the better. This will keep you focused and prevent you wasting time looking at unsuitable properties and stop you falling in love with other people's lifestyles.



Example Buyers list

Buyers list -  just must have

1)  3 bedrooms

2)  Spacious living room

3)  Kitchen with enough work surfaces

4)  Separate dining room

5)  Private garden

6)  Good local schools


Buyers list - Would prefer

1)  Fitted wardrobes

2)  White bathroom suite

3)  Wood flooring

4)  Period property

5)  Garage

6)  Quiet road

Buyers List - No way

1)  Basement

2)  Busy road

3)  Lack of out door space

4)   Avacado bathroom suite

5)  60's style property

6)  Small living room

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