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Costs of selling a house


 Helping you to make a list and manage your budget for all of the costs of selling a home.  


Essential house selling costs include:

Estate Agent fees

Conveyancing fees

*  Disbursements

Removal costs  

EPC costs



Possible house selling costs include: 

* Mortgage redemption fees

  (early repayment fee or   

   exit fee)

* Indemnity insurance

* Repairs or upgrades   

  to your home

* Any decoration costs

* Self storage costs

* Home staging



Estate Agent fees


Estate Agents commission

Estate Agent commission can vary from 1% to 5% depending on the value of your house. There will always be a minimum fee whatever the value of your home. London Estate Agents and those located in City Centres may be considerably more expensive because running costs of maintaining premises is likely to be considerably higher.



Estate Agent's Fixed fee

Some Estate Agent's may offer a fixed fee rather than a percentage commission. However, if they also over-inflate the property valuation then the fixed fee may appear to be a bargain, when in fact, based on a lower selling price a percentage commission may cost less.


Negotiating an Estate Agent's fee

It's possible to negotiate Estate Agent fees if your property is well presented, in a favourable location and ready for marketing at a realistic price. However, some Agents will only reduce the fees so far. Avoid choosing the cheapest Estate Agent unless they are an online Estate Agent because they are likely to cut corners and may put less effort and time into buyer communication which is essential to a stress free and fast property sale.


Ensure that you have the final fee agreed in writing and check the Estate Agent's contract very carefully (before signing) for things like "no sale no fee" (it's not always standard pratice). any additional costs and notice period required should you wish to take your business elsewhere.

For more information about Estate Agents fees click here> Estate Agent fees


Be clear about any added Estate Agent's costs, such as costs for newspaper advertising which may not be included in your Estate Agent commission or fees.


Estate Agent's referral services

Estate Agent's will take every opportunity to refer you to associated services such as EPC's, Conveyancing solicitors and mortgage advisers. However, as they usually receive large referral fees for these services, they may not be the cheapest (or the best) so make sure that you shop around and use word of mouth referrals from family and friends where possible.


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