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Self Storage    


Self Storage in the UK

Self storage in the UK has grown enormously since it was introduced in the 1990's. A self storage company rents storage space - this being secure, clean, dry and well-lit individually lockable storage spaces inside large warehouses. The facilities are usually very smart and staff on a reception point will guide you through the process. As the name implies you load and deliver your own goods to your storage space and use your own padlock. 


Insurance for self storage

Your goods will be insured whilst on site, for which you pay a premium included in the monthly fees and charges.


Self storage prices

Self store prices will vary according to location and the size of storage space you require. London self storage comes at a premium price. Storage can be rented from a small locker type space to a large room big enough to store the contents of a 5 bedroom home adequately. 



Access to a self store

Access to self storage varies and some companies provide 24 hour secure access via key codes. Some self storage companies provide self hire vans or recommended removal companies.


Packaging materials

You can buy packing materials and storage boxes from them too such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, small to large cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing tape, sofa covers, mattress covers and so on.


Portable self storage

There are also storage companies who use portable self storage units which are mobile and are driven to your home for you to fill. The mobile self storage container is taken back to their secure facility until required and then delivered back to you. This can save the cost of a removal van and can save the time usually taken to load your goods onto a van and onto trollies to transfer to fixed storage units on the site. Multi-cube and Simply Store provide mobile storage solutions.


Large UK self store companies with the largest number of locations are Big Yellow and Safe Store, with Ready Steady Store growing locations and many removal companies starting to provide storage there are many options and pricing is becoming more competitive.


How to get a self storage discount

Some self storage companies will offer discounts to new customers so its best to shop about early and wait for the follow up-call with an improved price to store your goods.

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