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Sell property fast


"How do I sell my house quickly?" Many homeowners ask this question. Whether through redundancy, urgent house move for work, a growing family, emigration, bereavement or other requirements to get a home sold fast there are a number of ways to a quick house sale.





How to sell your home fast

The best way to sell your home fast and achieve the highest asking price and therefore release the largest equity in your home is to sell using the usual methods of best presentation and best marketing - with quality online marketing and a pro-active estate agent


However, depending on the location and appeal of your home and the current housing market conditions, there is not always enough time for the usual house selling methods which can be quite time consuming.


You could sell your house quickly to a company who pay cash for houses. That is, they will check the house and make an offer to buy, usually a certain percentage (10-20%) below the market value in order to sell on again or rent out. They may sell to an investor to make a profit. 

The offer price for your home will depend on the local market conditions and the condition of the house. Because the fast sale incurs risks for the buyer then the price offered to buy will reflect this.


Selling your home to a buy for cash company

Selling your house to a company who buy property fast can be advantageous to homeowners who want to move to their next dream home fast or face possible repossession of a home because of inability to continue paying mortgage payments, perhaps because of redundancy or other problems.  Because there is no-one else in the chain and there is no mortgage taken out, the sale will progress as quickly as possible.


How to sell a home for cash

Selling Property logoWhen selling your home to a buy for cash company there is usually a standard set of things that will happen, as below:

*  You complete (usually online) a request for an informal price estimate

*  The company will organise for your house to be valued and assessed

*  They will make a firm offer to buy (usually 10-20% below market value)

*   You will instruct your solicitor to deal with the sale on your behalf

*   A contract will be drawn up

*   Searches are undertaken

*   Contracts are signed and an exchange date set

*   The sale becomes legally binding

*   At the completion date your solicitor redeems any mortgage against the property and releases the balance of funds to your stated bank account


 The benefits of selling your house fast for cash

*   Avoid house repossession - See more on how to avoid house repossession

*   No Estate Agent fees

*   Have your legal fees paid

*   No viewings

*   A fast sale in as little as 7 days


There are a number of companies who will have your house valued and guarantee an offer to buy fast. These include Quick Move Now, Quick Sale Houses,  Your Property 4 Cash. You can request a price from a few without obligation. Check their credentials before inviting anyone into your home and take a look at the following tips. 


Tips when selling fast to a cash sale company

*   Be sure that you can pay off any outstanding mortgage from the sale of the house

*   Get an independent valuation from 2 local estate agents

*   Instruct your own solicitor to deal with the contractual elements of the sale on your behalf

*  Check whether the company will pay your legal fees

*  Check that they will not pass your details on directly to any third parties such as investors

*  Check online for Reviews of the company you choose.

*  When Planning to sell property get a cash quote first

*  Be ready to move fast because its possible to secure a sale in as little as 7 days


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