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Tips for house viewings



Selling your home? Then you need to prepare for the viewers before the first person arrives on your doorstep!  



Use this house viewing checklist and top tips to turn the next viewer into a buyer for your home.


Before the viewing - be prepared...

House viewing checklist:


  • Open windows and let in some fresh air.

  • Make sure the kerb appeal and the hallway are clean, bright and welcoming.

  • Don't cook curry or smoke before viewings!

  • Check for a comfortable air temperature.

  • Spritz the air with a little gentle freshener (not strong air freshener!).

  • Open blinds and curtains to let in natural light.

  • Turn on internal lights for ambience.

  • Check that the flowers, plants and fruit bowls are fresh and attractively arranged.

  • Kitchens should be spotless with no dirty dishes in the sink.

  • Wipe down bathrooms and close toilet lids.

  • Buff up any chrome including taps to a shiny finish.

  • Ensure general tidying and vacuuming is completed.

  • Make beds and pick up any clothing and miscellaneous daily clutter.


House viewing checklist cont.

  • Plump and fluff all cushions and pillows, arrange throws.

  • Leave pets with a neighbour and make sure pet hair is cleaned up.

  • Preferably have children and other family members out so that the viewers can feel relaxed whilst looking round.

  • Try to leave a parking space for the viewer.

  • When the viewer arrives be relaxed and relatively smart. 

  • Remember - you're selling a lifestyle, not just a home!


8 Top tips for conducting viewings of your home:


1.  Decide beforehand what order you will show the rooms.

2.  Show the best rooms first.

3.  Guide the viewer around the property once, then invite them to sit down in the living room with you to ask any questions. 

4.  Don't overload them with detail i.e. the size of your boiler or the trouble with the neighbour's cat. 

5.  On the first viewing be business-like, if they are interested you can get to know someone better on the second viewing. 

6.   Never point out problems or issues.

7.   Point out positive features such as the south facing garden or very easy parking. 

8.   Finally invite them to take another tour round the property on their own but don't go off and make a phone call - be on hand to answer any further questions.


House viewing questions


Don't let house viewers' questions catch you off guard. Be prepared with information to hand for their possible questions such as the type of boiler, security alarm, direction of sun in the garden, options for parking and local amenities such as parks, schools, shops, cafes and bars.



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